Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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3D Lifestyle Rendering Services

3D Lifestyle Rendering is a stylistic presentation of products through computer generated imagery. It allows you to see how a product will look like in real-world situations. Know how a refrigerator will look in the kitchen, a queen-size bed in the bedroom, a chandelier on the ceiling and more. Tulfa offers 3d product rendering services for ecommerce companies and showrooms to display the products effectively.

First-class 3D rendering for your sales and advertising

Showcase your product to your customers. They will get to see how the product will integrate and look in their lifestyle. They will surely enjoy this user experience.

3d Lifestyle Rendering

Showcase your products in a mood-elevating ambience. There are endless creative options to lifestyle imagery. From lavish to modest, from cheerful to extravagant, from exotic to romantic, and more. You name it, and we’ll create it for you. The 3D Lifestyle Renderings will be true to your brand's identity and mindset of the target audience.

You can choose from a variety of settings and get a whole range of different images. All of this without having to take a single photo. These 3D renderings will be true to your brand's identity and mindset of the target audience to create a high impact visual statement.

First-class 3D Rendering for eCommerce

With 3D Lifestyle Rendering, customers can imagine their favorite moments with your products. They will feel like the products are part of their lifestyle.

This recreation of the natural environment creates a powerful impression.

Get more out of your
marketing budget

Lifestyle 3D Rendering offers you more. Maximum impact. More lifestyle 3D photos. Higher advertising ROI. Moreover, you save a lot too - on time and budget! Here is how it works:

Any Speed and Volume

3D Photography services let you, your business, and your clients, get the most out of your advertising.

With over 100 3D rendering artists at your disposal, we can create any number of 3D lifestyles that you need for your Amazon, Shopify, email, catalog, social media, or e-commerce website. With a wide range of 3D images to choose from, you will always have more than enough to choose from.


You’ll be working with a team of creative, hard-working and dedicated artists who are passionate about creation. At Tulfa, we nurture the right skills. Our team is capable of handling high volume assignments with ease.

Under the guidance of the team leaders, our project management team ensures all the lifestyle imagery is consistent in mood, style, and that product materials look the same in every shot.

Learn from the competiotn to improve your product imagery

Volume Discounts and Templates

Get high-end lifestyle images without the high cost! We offer a variety of resources at a lower price point. For high-volume orders, we can create a set price.

In addition, you will have unlimited access to our virtual library with over 60,000 CG models of high-resolution props and scenes.

Create visual assets that raise your brand value

At Tulfa, we inspire customers with true-to-life lifestyle renderings. These visuals are capable of engaging the customers emotionally and getting the response you want from them.

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