Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses
Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses
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3D Product Configurator for eCommerce

With Tulfa, you can offer a high degree of customization of your products to your customers. They can see how a product would look in different colors, shapes, and sizes, with diverse textures, details, and more to suit their needs. We offer 3D product configuration services for the ecommerce companies.

Engage your customers with personalized experiences

Customers can navigate through different combinations of product features. They can see how the product will look or perform before making a purchase decision. Detailed information and customization of the products allow customers to make informed decisions before adding items to their carts.

Go beyond standard product photography

Customize anything from safety pins to lawn mowers

Manufacturing companies with huge and complex machines and automation can benefit the most. Their clients can view their machines in 3D and interact with them.

3D Product Configurator also allows them to visualize multiple options, customize the machines, and choose elements such as material, color, and more while avoiding the high cost of prototyping.

Increasing the ease and convenience of shopping online

A 3D configurator improves customer experience, greatly reduces the sales cycle, minimizes stock expenditures, and lowers return rates.

Furthermore, 3D Product Configurators help companies in tracking customer behavior to improve service and selection based on their demands. 3D configurators help increase sales and ensure positive consumer feedback.

Give your products the advantages of 3D configuration

Customers may view their options in real-time when they can personalize their items online. They may buy with comfort and confidence as a result of this. Customers are prepared to spend up to 20% extra on 3D-viewable items.

According to 80% of consumers, the shopping experience is as significant as or more important than the goods purchased. Because of inaccurate product images, 23% of customers returned a purchase. With powerful 3D visualization software for your eCommerce website, you can provide clients with the product experiences they want.

Give your products the advantages of our 3D configuration.

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Why use Tulfa’s Virtual Photographer?

Our 3D Virtual Photograph solution enables brands to present high-quality product imagery quickly. Book a consultation now and see your eCommerce sales soar.

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