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5 Secrets about product description for e-commerce that nobody tells you

5 Secrets about product description for e-commerce that nobody tells you

Content is the king, and we have heard and seen ample amounts of stories of how it has helped a business and improved sales. Needless to mention, content is not just the king but everything in e-commerce! Does it rhyme enough to sound like an intense message? Anyways! Before exploring the technical details and insights about the same, it is important to know why product descriptions for e-commerce are so important!

Why is product description important?

  • Convinces customers about product
  • Enhances sales
  • Increases conversion rate

Importance of product description of e-commerce

Product description for e-commerce is very important because it has the potential to convince your buyers about any product. Ultimately, a buyer reads key features, reviews, and product descriptions to take the final decision. So, this content has got a lot to do with sales and conversion rates.

However, in this competitive era, many retailers are trying to copy-paste the product description, but that will only drop their rank on the Google search engine result page. In order to have an existence of your own, you must do proper research and write unique as well as original content.

The more you speak about the content, the higher will be the chance of customers getting convinced about it. This is how product descriptions for e-commerce work. You can keep it crisp, short, and include important points, but make sure you confidently speak about your product even if it involves detailed writing. One should be able to research the product description for e-commerce properly before posting about it in a raw form.

A copied product description brings down the Google page rank

Product description for e-commerce that sell

There are so many reasons why one product is doing better than others in the market. Product description for e-commerce could be one of those? The answer is yes, beyond the shadow of any doubt! The content makes all the difference, whether it is visual or written or in the form of animation.

Successful retailers try their best to convince people to buy their products by playing with creativity and producing unique product descriptions for e-commerce. Here, in this section, we will see different ways to generate product descriptions for e-commerce and make it a lot more engaging than before.

How to make the content more engaging?

  • Add quirky elements to your content
  • Engage and entertain with content
  • Be confident about your product

Humour based content

Who doesn’t like humor-based content? What more would a reader want if he/she is getting a good laugh alongside a genuine product? Even if it is a simple product that has been in the market for years, it all comes down to how you choose to present it as a retailer. While writing a classic piece of product description for e-commerce might make your website look extremely descriptive, but will it really engage the customer and compel them to buy? Will it be interesting enough for the customer to enjoy and think about it later?

For example, if you are selling eco-friendly paper plates, you need to generate some really unique content; what will you think of? These paper plates are available in different varieties, and there will be so many other retailers offering a better product at a better price. How will you make sure that the buyer opts for your paper plates above all the available options?

The answer is by generating a humorous product description for e-commerce. Add the quirky elements in your words and a little sarcasm that makes you honest, funny, but most of all, it should make you appear confident about your product. This is how little difference works even in the simplest of products and kick starts your business.

There is one simple rule to produce humorous content: if there is nothing new to tell about the product, try to engage and entertain. Someone out there will read, and notice and you will become an inspiration for many!

How video on your e-commerce site can increase sales

  • Video display of the product makes it appealing
  • Technical uniqueness better explained by videos
  • Videos to describe detailed technical features

One of the most challenging jobs while writing a product description for e-commerce is to make a customer understand all the technical uniqueness of the product. It is nearly incomplete without a video, but apart from features, the video does a lot more things that you had no idea about!

Many times, you will feel that some other retailer or brand sells the same or better product at a better price. Do you cut your prices in one go to make sales? Well, you don’t always have to compromise. Sometimes, you can just post better product descriptions for e-commerce and drive the sales towards your portal.

Talking about adding video to the product description for e-commerce, one thing you can explain is technical superiority. Make the video interesting, make it full of knowledge, and give what a buyer wants to hear. Buyer always wants a surety that they are spending their money at right place.

The video, along with the product description for e-commerce, gives you the scope of proving your superiority. You can explain the facts about the material and how it is useful in the long run, you can tell about its breakage, you can tell how it was made or from where the idea of design originated. There are umpteen facts to speak about your product through video, which can set you apart from your competitor.

Make the video interesting and descriptive

  • Explain about materials used in making
  • Mention how it is superior to others
  • Be your buyer’s best friend

A best friend tells the truth, and a best friend always keeps the other one going when the chaos takes over. You have to do the same thing here. Before your buyer starts questioning whether to buy a product or not, you have to tell them what they would love to know. And they would love to know the features that set your product apart from other products listed on the e-commerce. Tell them new things to expect from a product and also tell them what it already has.

Remember, sometimes it is not about the unique features but the distinctive features you are offering with the general features.

One prominent mistake a retailer commits while posting product descriptions for e-commerce is that they underestimate the value of basic features. 60% of the buyer’s mentality is to know basic features first and then read what else it has to offer.

So always portray the basic details and write a convincing paragraph about why your product is unique! In such cases, even if your product is priced a bit high, people will still consider buying it because of the way you have curated your product description for e-commerce.

Stay aware of the trends and then write description

Now, even though this is more like building up the brand, but you can still stay up to date with recent trends in sales and what is driving the attention of people in a particular category of product. It may involve some homework and a little bit of reading, but writing product descriptions for e-commerce that actually sells is no easy task. You have to take a little bit of pain for some gain.

For example, if you are into cosmetic products, you can always mention about animal testing and a detailed account of how allergic it is for sensitive skin or during mishandling of the product by, say, infants. Believe it or not, buyers definitely want to know this, and here you get a golden opportunity to get loyal customers for life.

But, as we mentioned before, you have to do some homework and know about what trends or issues are alive in the market. These insights will help you form a unique product description for e-commerce without extra effort in revision or video making, or anything fancy.

Be aware of market trends when writing product description. And understand and analyse your competition

Understand that it’s not you v/s entire retailer’s domain

One thing retailers need to understand about writing product descriptions for e-commerce is that they are not competing against every product in the market. For example, if you are selling fruit juices, your product description for e-commerce will not be focused on how fruit juices are better than carbohydrates or why you should often go for a liquid diet. Such promotions become totally against the practicality of the concept, and it starts working against you.

Hence, you have to understand that your product description for e-commerce will only explain why your fruit juice is more effective or better than the other range of juices available in the market.

So, after learning these five practical lessons about writing product descriptions for e-commerce, it is quite evident that what you should focus on. These are some facts that nobody really understands on their own until somebody gives them a reality check about it. Thus, next time you write a product description for e-commerce, make sure it is compatible, logical, engaging, and entertaining.

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