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8 techniques to find unique keywords to improve site search result

8 techniques to find unique keywords to improve site search result

A lot of SEO techniques are not focused on how well you rank on Google. Most of them are related to your site search result, which shows a lot of data about your website. You can improve site search results and get more conversions as well as website visitors on a daily basis. A robust site search feature is required so that the customers can see the products easily. These search result filters are very important to land the customer on the right page because they will make your services faster, which is impressive for someone visiting your website for the first time.    

SEO is an important part of a website, and it is directly interlinked with website analysis, conversions, user interface design, and metadata.

 Keeping aside the misspelled words, the customer generally looks for a basic phrase when they don’t know what exactly a product is called. Such terms are likely to indicate that a shopper genuinely wants that product to be available on your website. In order to improve site search results in an effective manner, you must look for unique keywords related to the products you have listed and optimize the site accordingly.   

For example, when looking for stationery, people are not always aware of the exact technical details. Just assume that a person wants to search a wire-bound journal but does not know what the binding technique is called. So, they look for something called “round wire binding notebooks.” Now, even though this sounds inappropriate, but the customer may get disappointed if your site search result shows “zero products found.” And you would not want that to happen, right? Here, you can include these keywords in the feature section and even create category wise site search result page to improve the precision of the search by the customer.   

 SEO is directly linked to 

  • Website analysis 
  • Conversions 
  • Meta data 
  • User interface design 

How do you identify unique keywords to improve site search result? 

There are many ways to find unique keywords, but not all unique or trendy keywords can be used on your website to improve site search results, right? Because all the data is hidden within your site, so you must do a little more intricate research on this topic to improve site search results effectively.   

Analyze search logs of website 

First of all, you can review the internal search data to improve site search results because that will tell you clearly what customers are searching through the search engine of your website. It will indicate the terms which are used by customers and how many results appeared on the site search result page. Now, you can look for phrases that are logical and can be easily converted as one of the key features or included in the product description.   

The above image shows a number of data you can extract from your website’s search log insight.  

You can now collect all data and analyze how many times a similar search phrase was entered and what results they showed. This will help you to optimize your website accordingly and improve site search results.   

Identifying unique keywords  

  • Improve the internal search data  
  • Install a chatbot for making the site interactive  
  • Read relevant blogs   

Install a smart chatbot for instant help  

A lot of e-commerce websites have added chatbots to help customers find the best results possible with the conditional statement system. This chat box is generally present as a separate sticky on the webpage, which can be instantly used for help. Therefore, when a customer is completely confused about non-availability of the product, they can seek the help of a chatbot.   

The above image shows the basic stats of customers using a chatbot on e-commerce and their feedback about the same.   

You can customize your chatbot to ask for the category in which the product lies and give details about each category to help the customer find a clearer way to get the product. This will also give you the details of chat history and what the customer searched before. You can improve site search results according to both the data available.   

A little more homework with your site  

You can look for keywords or phrases that showed zero results on the on-site search result page. Now, you can understand what the customer was looking for. In such cases, it becomes important to read some relevant blogs, articles and seek expert guidance on improving site search results using these keywords that are not related to the product.   

The above image shows different ideas to curate your “no result page” and make it drive sales and keep customers engaged.
  • Analyze your site extensively 
  • Use phrases 
  • Use easy natural language 

For example, if a person is looking for sofa-cum-bed, they type something that does not really match, and the site search result comes down to zero. In such cases, you can read blogs about furniture with easy and natural languages. You can find relevant words such as organized bedroom, beds for small room, organize small room, etc.   

These phrases will give you the inspiration to do something similar with your website and product description to improve site search results. Also, your page showing zero-result could be a conversation starter if you try giving out related product suggestions to your customers.   

Understand the diversity of language  

When you are selling on an online platform, you are likely to see guests from different countries. And there are possibilities of a product having a different name in various countries. Hence, you will have to do some research about this also. Just know that a customer will not do research about what that product is called in the country you belong, because in the first place they will not spend time to know about your nativity. This is something you must do from your side to improve site search results and bring out better results from your search engines. 

The above image shows ways to deal with linguistic diversity in e-commerce with a global reach.  

Well, you don’t have to change the entire product description or write an additional one. You can analyze the visitors and sales happening from different countries and write “also known as” beside the name of your product. This will improve site search results because even if the word is used once on your site, the product will pop up and show the product to the customer. It is one of the most amazing ways to improve international trade and optimize your website for international orders from customers of different countries.    

  • Study site visitors and make changes to site accordingly 
  • Reviews and FAQs are important  
  • Write small definitions 
  • Use “did you mean” feature 
  • Study social media posts regularly 
  • Let others explain your product 

Don’t forget to check customer review and open FAQ section of product 

This is the place where one customer explains something about a particular product in a very raw and simple language. Just keep in mind that a unique or trendy keyword does not have to be something very complicated.   

The above image will help you in enhancing your site search result with the help of product reviews.

You can use a regular language and still rank on the first page of Google. This is one of the easiest ways to improve site search result and make the search very easy for your customer to find that particular product.  

Use the “did you mean” feature of search engine 

Never leave the page blank after showing zero results. Add some suggested products which are nearest to the keyword entered by the customer. Also, try to include simple definitions and phrases in the feature section of the product page to improve site search. For example, if someone is looking for a particular jacket with embroidered floral patterns, you can include florals, colorful floral patterns, and vibrant flowers in your product description. This will help you a lot in not disappointing the customers by showing zero results on the page.   

Keep a track of your social media posts 

Usually, customers or interested buyers discuss the product on social media, and you can also find some phrases they use. This is one way to improve site search results by ensuring that they land on the right product even if they have to search twice or thrice.   

Social media is the first to showcase the market trends, customer preferences, and demands. Keep a regular eye on your social media profile to drive maximum profits.

Get explanation from others about your products 

This procedure will just surprise you more than you would have expected! Some people will give you bright ideas to improve site search results. Just ask someone from your team to describe the product in the simplest explanation possible. Use the phrases that they have mentioned to optimize your search engine and improve site search result.   

Finding the right keyword to improve site search results requires some effort and homework from your side too. It is not as smooth as a cakewalk, and you must be willing to spend some time regularly finding that appropriate keyword for every product listed on your website. However, before you start the process and feel overwhelmed with the number of products, you can study the most searched keywords with zero results and optimize them first. Rest everything will slowly fall into place together! 

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