Augmented Reality

Powerful 3D Editor to optimize content

Our spatial audio tool and 3D annotation capability are ideal for voice-overs, demonstrating product features, or providing additional information.

Content upload from anywhere

Tulfa can import 3D data from any major polygon, CAD modelling, or 3D scanning tool chain. More than 60 import formats are supported, and a separate CAD package is available for specific Catia, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, and other file types.


Tulfa supports the import of Autodesk's proprietary FBX files.


A simple and open data format that just depicts 3D geometry. As an exchange format, it has garnered a lot of interest.


The most common and advanced 3D exchange standard, GLTF Transmission Format, is frequently referred to as the JPEG of 3D.


IGES is a well-known and time-tested CAD interchange format. Tulfa automatically converts IGES data into polygon models.


STEP, another widely used CAD file format with high compatibility, is the PDF of the 3D world.

Turbocharge ‘Try-before-you-buy’ AR experiences

AR enables customers to confirm color, size and fit of products from garments to sneakers to furniture. The benefits include lower return rates, increased engagement, and conversions.


Using existing 2D pictures and 3D models, we create interactive augmented reality consumer experiences with stunning templates, colour and style options, and feature hotspots that elegantly showcase your products.


We create AR content at scale with powerful AR technologies, such as batch processing, analytics, 3D configurators, and auto-generated web exports.


Tulfa offers targeted 3D and AR product experiences safely by hosting your augmented reality projects in a central, secure location with detailed analytics.

Library of free resources

Enhance your 3D content with free and paid materials specially selected to standout in augmented reality.

AR Optimization

Allow Tulfa to handle the time-consuming reliability and performance optimization to provide a consistent user experience across all devices.

Light Baking

Light Baking AR automatically bakes physically accurate materials and shadows for additional realism and immersion.

Simplifiying the export of AR to your website or e-commerce platform

Tulfa's sophisticated AR tools, analytics reporting, and 3D configurators assist you in strategically presenting products to prospective customers.

Multiply the engagement levels of your customers

By integrating AR, 3D and 2D, you can deliver a higher level of customer engagement. Get set to manage and automate AR content with us.

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