Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Augmented reality focused experiential furniture shopping

Augmented reality focused experiential furniture shopping

Customers expect eCommerce businesses to accommodate their busy schedules since they are constantly on the go. It’s possible that customers don’t have the time to invest in a drawn-out shopping experience in order to buy a high-quality item or service. Flexibility, agility, and creativity are required of manufacturers and merchants. High levels of customer satisfaction are anticipated, as well as real-time customer care. Customers want eCommerce companies to be trustworthy, flexible, and responsive.

A large percentage of shoppers today research products on their mobile device before making a purchase? For eCommerce brands, this fact highlights that an eCommerce site must be more than just a well-designed shopping app. They have to be the key tool for improving customer engagement and driving sales. Businesses may employ mobile to ensure that your customers can transform their furniture eCommerce app into a shopping paradise. With a few clicks customers can buy products by scanning, selecting, and testing out products. This enhances customer engagement many times over.

Increasing customer confidence through risk-free trials

Product returns pose a significant issue for businesses. A large percentage of customers return a product on the first day, and the majority return it within the first week. This escalates wasteful expenditure. Businesses expect to spend between 20% and 30% of their income on returns, depending on the product. As a result, many firms are seeking novel strategies to decrease returns while keeping consumers satisfied. They discovered their answer via Augmented Reality.

Pampering digital-savvy customers

Experiential buying is a growing trend that is expected to continue. Brands are seeking new and imaginative methods to engage their customers as new technology, retail formats, and media platforms emerge. From large-scale digital out-of-home ads to mobile apps and augmented reality, marketers have an increasing variety of options for reaching customers where they are and engaging them in a memorable, on-brand way.

Attracting GenZ and Millennials

Augmented reality apps are popular among younger audiences, and they prefer utilizing them to make purchases, so why not leverage them as a new advertising option?
Moreover, unlike Virtual Reality apps, which require additional equipment, AR (AR Furniture Retail Platform) is more broadly available, with millions of smartphone users. We assist our customers in reaching a youthful audience and displaying your furniture items in an interactive manner.

Innovating a new era in shopping with augmented reality

Tulfa is all about innovation. We are continually exploring emerging innovations, discovering their possibilities, and integrating fresh insights. Multinational corporations are recognizing our experience in augmented reality, 3D photography, and digital catalog service space.

Personalization of customers is a significant factor of today’s company. Working with our team allows you to experience this synergy. We are always striving to enhance our service, innovate, and become more competitive. We realise how vital it is to adapt to the demands of our consumers, thus we guarantee their happiness.

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