360-degree product photography empowers eCommerce business

360-degree product photography is an effective ecommerce conversion method that is still providing sales opportunities, as demonstrated by its presence on big retail marketplaces, huge B2B sites, online furniture retailers, and vehicle markets.

5G and AR will create trillions in global economic value by 2035

 5G will alter the way the world communicates. While 4G links the world, 5G will transform how we live and work by enabling a huge array of networked devices. The total 5G consumer market may be worth $1.7 trillion by 2030, according to Ericsson ConsumerLab. While this may look to be science fiction, it is real and will change everything.

Meta and Metaverse – The next generation of innovations

After Facebook changed its name to Meta its stock price its market cap skyrocketed from $500 billion to $800 billion. What was this headline-making company up to? In a word, by expanding into the Metaverse, the firm was changing itself from a social networking site to a multi-faceted organisation. Meta worked with Qualcomm to develop […]

Augmented reality focused experiential furniture shopping

Customers expect eCommerce businesses to accommodate their busy schedules since they are constantly on the go. It’s possible that customers don’t have the time to invest in a drawn-out shopping experience in order to buy a high-quality item or service.

Team Leader – Image Editing

The Team Leader is responsible for assuring images are delivered to our customers within the assigned specifications at or above the expected level of quality.

UX / UI Developer

Design and communicate the user experience at various stages of the design process that clearly illustrate how mobile applications/sites function and look.