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Convert shoppers into buyers using these effective video ideas

Convert shoppers into buyers using these effective video ideas

With billions of people coming to your website and watching reviews of your products across different channels, it should be easy to convert shoppers into buyers with videos. But unfortunately, we don’t use the sources available to us smartly. We have so many platforms and resources through which we can convert shoppers into buyers instantly, but we are always caught up in the old traditional practices.  

The above image shows statistics of marketing after adding video content along with their product

The best way to convert shoppers into buyers is to show them a tempting video. People tend to start craving for anything they watch through video because the product’s whole functionality is shown in the video.   

So, before we explore about types of videos that can convert shoppers into buyers, it is also important to know about using any content thoughtfully for the same purpose.  

How can you convert shoppers into buyers? 

 Converting potential viewers to buyers can be easily done by the following ways: 

Attractive website  

A well curated website with easy navigation attracts more customer and reduces bounce rate.

How your website looks to your customers’ matters a lot! Your site should have appealing content and design to compel your visitors to explore it a bit. As they go about looking through the features, they might come across offers, discounts, or even different kinds of products available on your website. You never know; they might love it and hit the buy button immediately.    

Ways to convert shoppers into buyers 

  • Create a  very good website 
  • An engaging user interface 
  • A good product description 
  • Include a single page checkout for customers convenience 

User interface 

This is something that either brings back the customer again and again or impresses them enough to make a bulk purchase in the first visit itself. Just remember that when shoppers find your website user-friendly, they instantly become the hoarders of items. Make sure you have a smooth and straightforward user interface with an engaging website design that entertains them as they proceed with using more sections of your website.   

A good user interface involves easy search options, a notification button, and a feature to watch videos without getting redirected to any other website.

Give consumers better options to add to the cart, a faster check-out process with multiple wallets, and different sorting options that will make it easier to select the products lying in the same price range. All these amazing additions to your website will convert shoppers into customers.   

Product description 

The above highlights different sections of a product description that are written and segregated very well.

The way you describe your product matters a lot. If you are certain, you can win the confidence of your customers. No matter how much optimized it is for the search engine, your content will still be very appealing to your customers, and then you can convert shoppers to buyers. 

When a customer reads an interesting product description, they feel the need of the product. By describing your product, you are showing them what they need.    

Check out procedure 

There is always an argument over one checkout procedure being better than the other. Here, it is important to highlight if a checkout process is single-paged or offers you to go through multiple pages. Single-page checkouts are very instant and faster than multiple-page checkouts.   

The above image shows statistics of customers about why they abandon a cart when it comes to making the final payment.

When a customer realizes that the check-out procedure is less tedious on some e-commerce website, they always prefer the latter to save time, even if it is a matter of few minutes. You can also automatically fill in the address and pin code from the person’s account to make the process even faster.   

 How to make your website interesting with videos 

  • Add a manufacturing process video 
  • Unboxing video 
  • Putting the product to test video 
  • How-to video 
  • List what is good about the product 

Videos that can convert shoppers into buyers! 

Now, after exploring how you can optimize your site for the customers and not search engines, it’s time to get back to the topic! Here, we present you with some video ideas that will convert shoppers into buyers instantly. Make sure you use the strategy as per the product and also as per its need amongst the consumer.   

Making or manufacturing process 

This is one of the most attractive and soothing videos that can convert shoppers into buyers. You can use this technique for handicrafts, glasswork, fabric industries, and packaging videos of the product. This will attract the customer and make them realize how much of the work goes into the making of the product.   

By explaining your manufacturing process, you give your customer deeper insight into where they are investing their money.

So, if they find it very costly in the beginning, they will realize that it is worth it because of the process involved in its making.   

Unboxing video  

Do you see YouTubers doing an unboxing video or product haul on demand of their followers? It is because they love to see those videos because it tells them a lot about the product and the accessories that come along with it. This procedure to convert shoppers into buyers is particularly used in tech gadgets.   

Some people also include the video of how the product is assembled and started when it comes to gadgets. This will improve the content quality you are offering to your customer and prevent customers from having any confusion about the product and the accessories that come along with it.   

Torture testing videos 

These videos can convert shoppers into customers because they have a strong point. The video explains the durability of the product and makes it undergo several harsh conditions that can show how reliable it is in the long run. The strength of the product is pushed to extreme limits, and it is captured on camera to convince the customers about the same.   

Not only this, but you can mention in the product description about swiping the pictures to see its overall strength. As a customer yourself, you must understand that not many people bother to see all the images unless they know that something is really going to blow their minds. So, you must mention it in bolds and tell them about it so that they don’t judge the product with just a single picture.   

Room tour video 

This video is also very entertaining and comforting for the customers because they love to see things moving around like they do in shops. For example, if you are in an interior décor business and one of your products is a designer carpet to be hung on a wall and available in many colors. So, it is better to show them arranged through a video with contrasting décor kept around instead of simply posting a picture of all the available products. This will convert shoppers into buyers by showing them possibilities of how it could be decorated in a room.   

So, if, for a moment, they feel that the product will not suit their living room, they might still get convinced because of the video, and they might get more ideas about arranging the product to make it look better. The same thing can be done for furniture because it will tell a lot about how much space they occupy and how well it blends with other products along with it.   

How to video 

This type of video is exceptionally famous, especially when a product has different uses. For example, a person wants to buy a robe hook, but they do not want to place it in the washroom. In such a case, if the customer is not happy with the robe hook’s aesthetics, the buyer may post a negative review about the product, thinking it is useless.   

But, if you upload a video along with the product about different places to install robe hooks, like installing them in cupboards or behind the room door for hanging purses, belts, hats, the buyer might find it helpful. Instead, he/she will try installing the product at different places and will not feel that their purchase has been wasted. This is how consumer psychology works hand in hand with the success of your business.   

Videos to compare the product 

Now, here comes a very versatile video to convert shoppers into buyers. You can compare things in a different way. You need not reveal the brand you are comparing it with because customers are too smart to guess it within few seconds. Jokes apart, you can use this video to show the strength, vibrancy of the colors, size, how a product works in different environments and conditions, and much more.   

List the pros and cons of your product separately to help the customer make the right decision and develop an honest relationship with them.

Comparing videos are seen in some of the popular advertisements to prove how a product is better than what you have already been using. 

Amidst all this, the person gets convinced and knows why a simple product needs to have better quality and how they should choose your brand and trust it for the quality you offer.   

Products to support 

This is a very nice technique to market other products alongside promoting the current one. This will convert shoppers into buyers without any doubt because they strike the right chord here. These videos show how you can enhance the use of this product by also using other products. These videos can be helpful to convert shoppers into buyers, especially when you are selling a cosmetic product or something related to kitchenware. However, you can combine some popular and non-popular products accordingly to increase the sales of those the customers do not often buy.   

Thus, in the light of all the mentioned facts, you can choose any of the above techniques or all of the techniques to convert shoppers into buyers. This is an effective technique to convince your customers without boring them with long product descriptions. 

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