Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses
Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses
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Focusing on ethnic and racial diversity in the workplace

We are committed to creating a diverse ethnic and racial work environment, providing an opportunity to all to thrive in the workplace.

The science-backed answer to stress.

Thriving Mind is a self-directed learning experience that prioritizes mental well-being. Read to about the science behind stress and its relation with productivity to develop better stress management skills. We believe sustainability and equality is the new digital—they create the most powerful force of change in our generation, transforming how we live, work, and drive new value and growth.

Tulfa understands and values the mental health of all our employees. Mentally happy employees will be able to add productively and effectively to the company culture, while mentally unhappy ones will not. We value our team’s mental health because of the value it brings to our company and because of the comfort that it brings to their lives.


Pride means more : celebrating Pride means connecting with the community

Why mental resilience matters and how to build it

Mental Resilience helps individuals deal with problem in a calm state of mind, making the probability of finding a solution higher. Read to find out strategies on how to build it.

Charecterstics like mental resilience help in over-all development of employees while making them better problem solvers.

Medical and mental health specialists in the workplace

Simple process for leaves of absence

Survivor support in case of natural disasters, fires, or acts of violence

Mental health leaves

Managers and leaders trained to respect and value mental health concerns

A culture of positivity, productivity, and purpose


Is there a perfect recipe for a work-life balance for working parents?

"Mental health is a rising concern and Tulfa believes in paving the path to a comfortable, positive, and healthy work culture. From equal policies to empowering training workshops to mental health-focused sessions, we value our employees in all professional aspects possible.”

Loukeek Bornare

Chief Executive Officer

How we support the Tulfa team.

Bonuses and Benefits

We offer resources and continuous learning for developing healthier habits including Mental Health Essentials, the Thriving Mind and Mindful Performance.

Assistance programs

We provide an Employee Assistance Program around the globe, 24 hours a day, for our employees and their loved ones to get the support they need.

WeAcT program system

Our global network of 6,500+ trained Mental Health Allies provides compassionate support and connects individuals in need of professional help.

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