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Experience the future of car-buying with Hyundai Motor’s Virtual Experience Centre

Experience the future of car-buying with Hyundai Motor’s Virtual Experience Centre

Hyundai Motor’s Virtual Experience Centre (VEC) is a leading-edge 3D Virtual Showroom platform that allows customers to virtually browse a Hyundai showroom from their own homes, seamlessly merging the physical and virtual worlds. The VEC was introduced to enhance consumer brand engagement during lockdown, and its success has been evident in its sustained growth since its launch. With the VEC, customers can explore the entire range of Hyundai models, both inside and out, from the comfort of their own home, making an informed decision about their next vehicle purchase. This innovative platform has revolutionized the way customers engage with Hyundai brand, making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a new car.

Hyundai Motor UK has made significant enhancements to its Virtual Experience Centre (VEC) in response to the sustained demand for a virtual brand space that provides a highly immersive experience. In addition, customers can also schedule test drives and engage in product discussions with their local retailer through the platform.

Enter the world of immersive shopping for Hyundai Cars

Explore the latest models in the interactive 3D virtual car showroom

Since its launch in 2020, the Virtual Experience Centre (VEC) has aimed to provide consumers with touchpoints during the pandemic. Initially, the VEC offered virtual tours of four models: the TUCSON, i20, KONA Electric, and IONIQ 5.

Despite the reopening of physical showrooms, the VEC has continued to thrive, attracting over 64,000 visitors and resulting in over 900 test drives being booked. In response to this success, Hyundai Motor UK has further expanded the VEC to showcase the entire product line in a three-tiered virtual showroom. Each room has its own unique design to convey the emotion and style associated with the specific models displayed there.

Experience the brand engagement of the Virtual Experience Centre

The Virtual Experience Centre (VEC) offers a highly immersive brand engagement experience for customers. Through the VEC, customers can explore and engage with Hyundai products in a virtual setting, allowing them to discover their dream vehicle from the comfort of home. The virtual showroom offers a variety of interactive features, including 3D virtual tours of vehicles, the ability to explore different color options, and the option to schedule test drives. Additionally, the VEC provides a platform for customers to communicate directly with their local retailer for product inquiries and support. Overall, the VEC is a convenient and engaging way for customers to learn about and connect with the Hyundai brand.

Experience the thrill of discovering of the range of popular Hyundai models, including the i10, i20, i30, BAYON, KONA Hybrid, and TUCSON.

Scan through the entire portfolio of cars in comfort

Experience the convenience of online access to The Virtual Experience Centre

The Virtual Experience Centre (VEC) can be accessed easily through Hyundai Motor UK’s website and is also integrated into various marketing platforms. This allows customers to easily find and explore the virtual showroom from a variety of sources, including social media, email campaigns, and online advertisements. The integration of the VEC across multiple platforms makes it convenient and accessible for customers to discover and learn about Hyundai’s products.

Hyundai Motor UK’s Virtual Experience Centre (VEC) has rapidly become an integral part of the customer journey and will continue to be developed in the future to meet the changing needs of our customers. The VEC provides a virtual brand space that allows customers to explore and engage with our products in a convenient and immersive way. We are committed to enhancing the VEC and ensuring that it remains a valuable resource for customers as they consider their options and make informed decisions about their vehicle purchases.

Hyundai Motor has introduced a Virtual Experience Centre (VEC) as a 3D Virtual Showroom platform to enhance consumer engagement by allowing customers to virtually browse a Hyundai showroom from their own homes.
Witness the latest car launches virtually

Experience the future of car shopping with Tulfa’s innovative online virtual showrooms

Tulfa specializes in creating similar online virtual showrooms like the Hyundai’s Virtual Experience Centre for the automotive industry. We employ a range of technologies, including 3D Product Configurator, Augmented Reality, 360-degree photography, 3D Modeling, and Virtual Showroom, to provide customers with a highly immersive and interactive experience.

The 3D Product Configurator allows customers to customize and visualize their dream vehicle by selecting from various options such as exterior color, interior trim, and package options. The Augmented Reality feature allows customers to see how a vehicle would look in their own driveway or garage by superimposing a 3D model onto the real-world environment using their device’s camera. The 360-degree photography allows customers to view the vehicles from every angle, providing a highly detailed and realistic representation.

Our 3D Modeling team creates highly accurate and detailed 3D models of each vehicle, capturing every aspect and detail of the physical cars. These models are then used to create the virtual showroom, which allows customers to virtually explore the vehicles as if they were in a physical showroom. Customers can view the vehicles from all angles, both inside and out, and even schedule test drives through the platform.

Overall, Tulfa’s expertise in creating online virtual showrooms has revolutionized the way that customers discover and engage with automotive products. By providing a convenient and immersive experience, we have made it easier for customers to make informed decisions about their vehicle purchases.

Ready to discover the convenience and immersive brand engagement of the Virtual Showroom? Contact us at to schedule a virtual tour and start exploring the latest models today!

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