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Five Product CGI Myths Busted

Five Product CGI Myths Busted

Ecommerce product visualization is a compelling method for businesses to gain online sales. It is particularly powerful in current times to represent products with a fresh look. Product CGI is an excellent way to forge ahead of the competition.  

Building product images for ecommerce sites can be an expensive and tedious task. Manufacturers are now looking for an alternative to traditional photography. They want something uncomplicated, affordable, and less time-consuming. 

Product visualization significantly improves sales and drives in more traffic. You can use the potential of computer imagery to give your site and product pages more appeal, increasing your brand presence.  

Product visualization is an entirely digital process that is carried out on a computer using state-of-the-art software programming. You can instantly post photorealistic images online or print them for advertisements. If you are not able hire in-house 3D artists, a 3D visualization company can do it for you.

Since this is a young industry, there are many myths surrounding product visualization and CGI services. In this blog, we expose five myths about product CGI. 

Myth 1: Computer Generated Images (CGI) are Low Quality

Contrary to popular belief, computer-generated images are highly photorealistic. Many business owners think that the quality of CG images is poor and makes the products look fake, resembling graphics for a crudely created computer game. 

Thanks to modern software, however, any product can be presented close to real life. Professionals who specialize in photorealistic visualization document their works on their websites, so brands can easily view the quality they can render.

Myth 2: It Takes a Long Time to Create Photorealistic Images

Many businesses tend to think that creating product CGI images is time-consuming. With so many details and minutiae to consider, they think that it requires a large team of artists and a long time to carry out the task. 

Depending on the complexity of the project, product rendering can be completed within 2-4 days. Usually, 3D visualization experts can give an accurate time frame for projects before they start working. Knowing a time frame is crucial for manufacturers, as brands plan launches far in advance of company deadlines.

Myth 3: With CGI, Brands Have No Control Over the Process

Another myth about photorealistic visualization is that once a brand places an order with a CGI company, it is impossible to keep track of the process. Since product visualization is time-sensitive, companies need a process where corrections can be made all throughout the process. 

Competent CGI companies employ a transparent Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, system for maintaining efficient communication with their clients. A client manager is dedicated to each corporation to ensure that progress is made per client instructions. Client managers directly communicate requests made by clients to the 3D artists operating the photorealistic visualization design.

Myth 4: Product Designs Are Used Improperly

There is worry among manufactures that CGI companies might use images of their products for advertising other services. Since detailed blueprints of a company’s products are necessary for product rendering, manufacturers might choose to stay away from CGI for the fear of putting their company’s namesake into the wrong hands. 

To address this concern, CGI studios and manufacturers can develop mutually beneficial advertising. It is also standard practice for any credible CGI company to sign non-disclosure agreements with clients. Manufacturers can rest assured that their designs are legally protected from any unlawful use.

Myth 5: Customers Respond Negatively to Product Visualization

Some manufacturers worry what customers think about brands that use computer-generated images instead of original product images. They consider being viewed as misleading and unwilling to show the actual product a huge risk. 

In today’s tech-savvy world, customers are aware of the manufacturing processes and know that brands use product visualization for their ecommerce and advertisements. In fact, current trends show that customers are happy to see products from various angles with all the little features highlighted. They also like lifestyle pictures that aid their imagination and help them see themselves using the product. The use of CGI also enables manufacturers to create different lifestyle settings for the same product to attract diverse audiences. Since the attention span of the modern audience is shorter, photorealistic visualization serves as a perfect recipe for successful sales.

The Takeaway

With CGI product imaging taking a new leading role in online sales, it’s understandable for companies to have some concerns. We hope this article empowers you to expose the myths about product CGI and understand its competitive benefits. 

Product CGI is an efficient option for a one-time product photoshoot, or it can serve as a long-term solution for your business. This is because the 3D models designed for photorealistic visualization can be modified and reused multiple times.

Product visualization also helps take product designs from an idea to reality. With CGI, companies can present their design concepts to investors. They can also quickly analyze the performance of a product without a notable expenditure for product creation.  3D rendered models are significantly changing the way ecommerce is conducted. To reap rich and long-term rewards, and keep ahead of your competition, you need to be part of this process. 

Invest in Help

Creating content is easier said than done, and sometimes, you just can’t do it alone. Investing in help is always a smart option for companies that lack the knowledge or expertise to create content that drives sales. Content agencies, like Tulfa, are a great asset to businesses that want to accelerate their growth. 

We’re here to help. Shoot us an email or reach out to us on social media. As one of eCommerce’s leading content agencies, we make sure customers notice your products. Check out our services for more information and a free sample of our work.

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