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Four Tips to Lead a Successful Remote Team

Four Tips to Lead a Successful Remote Team

Working remotely has become a global norm and has changed management styles severely for organizations. From an in-office experience to a work-from-home working scenario, had left a lot of employees and management heads frustrated. With remote team work being more widely adopted now, employees and organizations have started to see how it is a better alternative from in-office working arrangement.

Managing a remote team can be a challenging task, here are four common components that most managers are worried about:

Setting up employees on the path to success: How your team members structure their working day remotely decides if you will have a successful day or not.

Performance Management: When your team works remotely, it is tough to know if they are productive and are simply not getting distracted. What data to look at to know if they are being productive?

Maintaining a strong culture: It is worrisome to think about how will team members stay connected remotely, building relations while supporting each other.

Constant collaboration: How to substitute the moments where your team members assist each other in real time to talk through several issues?

Here are four tips to lead your remote team successfully and achieve all goals:

Start with the basics

The first step to leading a remote team is to ensure that they have the technology and tools they need to work without interruptions. The tools vary from one profession to another while the basic being a working laptop/desktop, headphones, calling apps like zoom, Microsoft Teams. While having access to the management tools such as Trello, Asana and Zoho Projects that your organization uses. Further ahead, try creating a schedule to maximize peak performance for all members of the team. Here are a few tips to follow:

Plan your day ahead: A good way to have a productive day is to reconfirm all appointments, prepare agendas for calls and maintain an updated calendar to keep your team aligned.

Build out tasks prior to schedule: Without being present in the office environment, it is tough for the team members to stay motivated. Assigning tasks prior to the schedule help the team members manage their day and time better with more chances of them completing their work for the day.

Shut It Off: No team member can be productive all day long, efficient work happens only when the team is in the mindset to work. If they are constantly working, they are unable to give their best. Olympic athletes don’t work out 12 hours a day at a full sprint. The same principle applies. Promote the importance of breaks.

Maintain Clear expectations

With work from home scenario, the physical distance between the management and the team, there is an increased need of communication and trust. It is the manager’s responsibility to convey exactly how they will measure the team’s performance while explaining the expectations well. From setting clear measurable expectations to creating a system to provide feedback, everyone should be on the same page to ensure there is no communication gap.

Fostering a Strong Team Culture

The most prominent challenge work-from-home team managers face is how to mirror the in-office culture virtually. While it seems nearly impossible to create an inclusive, healthy environment for team members online, it is achievable. It requires a little creativity and thought. Tulfa uses tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Keka to keep its employees connected at all times. Hosting remote events, celebrating team members’ milestones and birthdays, virtual coffee chats can help maintain a strong work culture.

Encouraging Collaboration

Collaborating, learning from one another helps teams achieve their set goals. Despite not being seated across the same table anymore, there are several ways team members can still collaborate in. Promoting skill up meetings, learning how to grow from facing challenges faced and encouraging team members to host skill swap sessions so that they can learn from each other.

Don’t Give Up!

Every team is different. There are no one-size fits all solution to leading a team to success. Addressing concerns, being committed to evolving so that your team can give their best. By giving your best as a manager of your remote team, you are half-way through on the path to success. The rest way to go is by keeping your team motivated and creating an environment where they enjoy working, even if it is virtually.

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