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Friedrich Breeze Ducted

Mini Split Heat Pump Video

Friedrich Breeze Ducted

Mini Split Heat Pump Video

Client’s Objective: 
Our mission from Friedrich was clear: produce a concise 30-second video unveiling their latest innovation, the Friedrich Breeze Ducted Mini Split Heat Pump. With Bosch’s stronghold in the inverter ducted split heat pump arena, Friedrich aimed for a rapid entry, defending their position in ductless mini-splits while venturing into ducted splits.  

Target Audience: 
The primary audience comprises HVAC distributors, including existing Friedrich and Rheem partners, as well as potential new accounts. Additionally, the video aimed to resonate with residential contractors and homeowners. Understanding their motivations, including product quality, brand reputation, and profitability, was crucial. 

Key Insights: 
Current Perception: Friedrich is not widely perceived as a major player in this category, with Bosch leading the market. 
Brand Personality: Friedrich’s legacy, reputation for quality, and differentiated solutions distinguish it from competitors. 
Product Highlights: The Friedrich Breeze boasts several advantages over competitors, such as side discharge, compact footprint, and compatibility with all brands of indoor air handlers and gas furnaces. 
Desired Perception: Friedrich Breeze should be seen as the universal inverter heat pump solution, offering easy conversion for existing HVAC systems at a competitive price point. 

Job Challenge: 
The task involved understanding the product intricacies, comparing features with competitors, and creating compelling visual elements for the video. The team collaborated closely, with the senior content writer to distil technical information, an art director shaping the video’s narrative, and the 3D team bringing animations to life. 

After gathering all necessary elements and selecting suitable background music, the video production commenced. The creative process involved meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the video effectively conveyed Friedrich Breeze’s unique selling points and value proposition. 

Despite a tight deadline, the collaborative effort resulted in a compelling video presentation. By showcasing the Friedrich Breeze’s innovative features and benefits, the client successfully captured the attention of distributors, contractors, and homeowners. This timely delivery enabled Friedrich to assert its presence in the competitive market, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Final Analysis: 
The creation of the Friedrich Breeze Ducted Mini Split Heat Pump video provided Friedrich with a powerful tool to enhance brand visibility and market penetration. By addressing the industry demand for inverter ducted split heat pumps, Friedrich solidified its position as a formidable competitor, poised for growth and success in the HVAC market. 

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