Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Furnish Your Room with Amazon’s New AR-powered App

Furnish Your Room with Amazon’s New AR-powered App

Amazon has been improving its augmented-reality purchasing features by introducing the “AR view” option in 2017. This provides customers with the ability to see 3D pictures of furniture using their phone cameras. However, this only lets you glance at one thing at a time. You may now browse numerous goods at once, which aids in making smarter purchasing decisions. 

Through its latest release of AR technology, Amazon has made available a new set of tools called Room Decorator, which will allow users to add and arrange up to 100 furniture items inside of a room, store the designs, and continue tweaking them later on their mobile or desktop. Amazon will even suggest goods to include in a design. 

The better way to shop for furniture

Technology businesses are now using augmented reality (AR) tools to assist customers in shopping. For example, Wayfair and Ikea now use AR tools to help customers get a better understanding of the size and form of things before purchasing them, thus reducing returns. These tools might be very handy for folks who want to smarter purchasing decisions and avoid visiting to furniture stores. 

Amazon has updated its AR view with a new feature called “Room Decorator” which provides a 3D interface to visualize the product in the user’s room via iOS device’s camera. The new tools may be accessed by clicking on the “view in your room” icon found on the pages of these objects. 

Now customers who have access to the inspired furniture types accessible on Amazon can do more. They can visualize their dream rooms and make smarter purchasing decisions. 

Augmented Reality Apps
Check out numerous furniture at once
Creating immersive virtual home experience 

The Virtual Home Experience is at the heart of a brand’s home-improvement capabilities. Businesses concentrate on inspiring clients through immersive VR experiences that allow them to picture the things they wish to purchase. 

Tulfa’s skill in building augmented reality allows customers to engage with the world in novel ways. It combines real life with intriguing, lifelike computer-generated images that look real. 

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