Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Holiday Retailers: Use Augmented Reality to Win the Shopping Season!

Holiday Retailers: Use Augmented Reality to Win the Shopping Season!

The world’s current pandemic may have taken an unprecedented toll on retail, but the one saving grace has been ecommerce. As people self-isolated themselves, the reliance on online shopping skyrocketed, along with competition between online businesses. Now, as we near the holiday shopping season, the stakes are higher than ever. Retailers must focus on making the buying experience as smooth as possible, and they can do it using one thing: augmented reality.

While there are more ways to enhance the shopping experience than one, augmented reality is an untapped and highly lucrative resource. According to WebRetailer, only 1 percent of surveyed retailers are currently using AR technology. This number may be shockingly low now, but businesses are quickly catching on, and we suggest you do, too.

Here are three reasons why augmented reality can help your business beat the competition this holiday season.

Augmented Reality Provides Unique Customer Experiences

Online shopping’s biggest strength has always been convenience, but what about its biggest weakness? As great as it is to make a purchase on your smartphone or tablet, it just can’t compare to shopping in store, where you can see products in person.

The average online conversion rate is as low as 3 percent, much lower than in brick-and-mortar stores. If only there were a way for online stores to gain the upper hand, right?

This is where augmented reality comes in. Even in its early stages, this innovative technology can be used to simulate and even surpass the in-store shopping experience. Using AR, customers can interact with products as rendered 3D models. While they cannot physically touch the products, they can still view them unboxed from any angle, an advantage that usually isn’t possible in-store, as opening a product means you have to buy it.

Naturally, many holiday shoppers will be reluctant to go into stores this year, and with the advantages online shopping and AR offers, they won’t have to.

Augmented Reality Saves Buyers and Sellers Money

When shopping for certain items, especially furniture, appliances, or home decorations, it can be difficult for customers to tell if the products will even fit in their home. Previously, they would have to buy and cross their fingers, regardless of if they were buying in-store or online. In this battle, augmented reality gives online shopping a clear victory.

At least 42 percent of online returns are attributed to products not looking as expected.

Expanding on our previous point, AR gives customers the ability to not just interact with 3D product renders, but also view them in their homes. Many brands and marketplaces, like Amazon, have integrated augmented reality into mobile-ready software. To view a couch, desk, table, or washing machine in their homes, it’s as simple as giving an app access to their phone smartphone cameras. Now, they can “try” these products out before they buy them. This helps reduce product returns and unsatisfied customers whose expectations were not met, saving both buyers and sellers money.

With shopping stress at an all-time high this holiday season, it’s probably best to avoid hassle as much as possible.

Augmented Reality Increases Conversions

So far, we’ve talked about why augmented reality improves buyer confidence, giving them valuable product details and experiences that may surpass even in-store shopping. So, what does this all add up to?

71 percent of consumers would shop with a business more often if they used AR.

By increasing buyer confidence, you lower cart abandonment and create repeat customers. This leads to higher conversion rates, period. The numbers don’t lie; AR gives customers a unique experience that is worth coming back to and paying for. The fact that this immersive technology is still in its infancy and is already making such a strong impression is telling. The truth is, your business is going to need all the help it can get this holiday season, and augmented reality could be your secret weapon.

With a socially-distanced holiday season right around the corner, online shopping will be at an all-time high this year, so sellers will need to stand out more than ever. Augmented reality is quickly gaining traction as businesses flock to adopt this lucrative technology into their product listings and websites.

Shoppers may browse hundreds of products this season, but AR will compel them to buy with memorable customer experiences that solve several of their biggest issues. What results is a far smoother path to purchase that provides interactivity and customization, removes language barriers, and reduces returns and dissatisfaction.

Don’t know where to start with AR integration? Having trouble coming up with a holiday strategy for your business? We’ve got you covered.

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