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Integrate a visual commerce strategy that enriches the entire product journey. Here are some key points to keep in mind: 


  • Utilize visually appealing product images and incorporate real-time personalization.
  • Develop interactive and personalized experiences for the entire product catalog.
  • Showcase products in appropriate environments to demonstrate their use.
  • Utilize augmented reality to create a dynamic experience.
3D Product Visualization of Furniture


  • Enable sales associates to continue the personalization experience.
  • Suggest add-ons by creating a quick reference list of complementary products and accessories.
  • Display custom furniture and décor products through virtual or augmented reality tools.


  • Encourage repeat business by personalizing product suggestions and improving customer relationships.
  • Use visual content, like ads and catalogs, to showcase products and enhance brand image.
  • Suggest up-sell and cross-sell products to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Create captivating product experiences that drive results: 

  • Achieve a 50% increase in average order value.
  • Obtain a 42% boost in on-site conversions.

Get more efficient
Visual commerce can save you money and
is an incredible breakthrough for efficiency. 

Generate innumerable photographs with virtual photography 

Virtual photography can generate innumerable product photographs on demand, saving up to 60% on manufacturing, shipping, and executing expensive photo shoots, especially for large items like furniture or building materials. 

Reduce excess inventory and clearance sales 

With visual commerce, you no longer hold excess inventory or manufacture products beforehand for marketing purposes. You can manufacture furniture and home decor only when ordered, thus eliminating the need for clearance sales. 

Reduce costs and increase efficiency 

Visual commerce enables you to save costs by visualizing, market testing, and advertising products before manufacturing. By doing so, you can eliminate guesswork, reduce risks, and only manufacture products that shoppers want. 

Boost engagement and traffic to your site 

Increase engagement and time spent on your site by using visual commerce, which can lead to more traffic and less spending on advertising. Also, boost conversions once customers are on your site. 

Reduce product returns by 40% 

By providing adequate product visuals, such as 3D configuration and virtual photography, online stores can reduce returns by 40%. This reduction can lead to better business outcomes. 

Enhance consumer engagement by utilizing virtual product photography  

Showcases product features, color options, and textures to attract a wider customer base. Boost your presence in the eCommerce industry. Fill out the form, and our executives will contact you to increase your sales.

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