Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses
Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses
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Item Set-Up

Tulfa constantly integrates new product categories or items into your existing catalog in a fast, accurate, and cost-effective manner. For the best possible customer experience, we ensure that all new items are accurately categorized with standardized quality and values by combining proprietary technology and industry best practices.

Your product listing is your storefront

Spark shoppers’ curiosity and interest with product listing

Faster Sku

Companies take up to a week to put up SKUs in their item masters. Also, clarifications on critical product standards need a significant amount of effort to explain.

Our streamlined process irons out such issues. We also utilize images and text to generate a variety of key features such as category, colours, and so on. With Tulfa, your item setup time happens at double the speed.

Save up to 50%

Companies typically spend twice as much time and money on product content as is necessary.

Tulfa's ML-enabled solution allows you to receive item setup and enriched content in one stage for less than 50% of the cost.

Guaranteed High Accuracy

To enhance accuracy, ML models require training, and although this is accomplished, a comprehensive solution will always require analyst efforts.

Tulfa includes high-quality analysts as part of the solution to ensure complete content correctness.

Hig Engagement Content

Product content in ecommerce influences both DISCOVERY and ENGAGEMENT.

Tulfa provides the finest online product experience by providing A+ photos, A+ content, SEO content, Photography, Video editing, and Creative talents - all while leveraging considerable AI and automation.

Information Categorization

Following the collecting of product data, the following stage is inventory sifting. To increase the accuracy and efficiency of the categorization process, products are categorized. Tulfa collaborates closely with our clients to understand and execute their particular taxonomy needs, as well as to develop competitive benchmarks and conduct industry-specific research.

Information Standardization

Data uniformity is the primary criterion for providing your consumers with the finest online experience.

Tulfa does this by standardizing product names, characteristics, units of measurement, and pictures. If necessary, we also prepare style guides to ensure format and data uniformity.

Information Sourcing

Tulfa gathers up-to-date product information to provide you with the most complete data and digital assets.

We ensure that accurate model numbers are mapped and cross-referenced with regard to Brand terminology for a complete picture of the product.

Information Optimization

Tulfa ensures that your material has unique descriptions, high-quality standardized photos, and thorough specs and features to deliver a strong experience for your clients.

Influence customers buying decisions with Item Setup

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