Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Leadership Development.

Driving change and innovation, Tulfa stands as a recognized global leader and an exceptional employer, empowering you with the platform to make your mark. Our corporate name is entrusted with helping employees unlock their true potential and foster their talent towards impactful and enhanced productivity.

Commitment to Learning.

Learning is in everything at Tulfa. With skill development opportunities and networking programs, Tulfa believes that learning and growth go in hand-in-hand. From improving efficiency to expanding your skillset, Tulfa’s places special emphasis on its commitment to learning. We believe in curating environments that foster growth in professionals at all levels. Learning at Tulfa transforms both the company’s people and product.

If you’re ready to revolutionize and reconstruct your career along with accelerating the growth of several other organizations, Tulfa is just the place for you. Helping our professionals accelerate their careers along the way. Tulfa is truely committed to learning, exploring and innovating.

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Encouraging our team’s financial security through rewards and benefits programs.

Life at Tulfa

Our culture is immersed in i5 key VALUES – Vision, Ambition, Leadership, Understanding, Ethics.

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Have you ever discovered you’re good at something you're not passionate about? Many of us have.

Women's Leadership: Inspiring Change.

External studies have shown that sponsorship can be a critical key to success and leaders frequently point to someone else – a sponsor – who took a vested interest in them and advocated on their behalf.

Cindy Benavides

Our Creative Director, Cindy Benavides, stands as one of the most hardworking and influential women leaders at Tulfa. Started off as Graphic Designer, her journey to Tulfa’s Creative Director has been one filled with sweat and dedication. With a passion for design, leadership, and team coordination, Cindy has spent over a decade handling top-end client designs and content in the realm of digital media and interactive designing.

She spearheads her team of graphic designers, content strategists, photographers, 3D modelers, and social media experts to build content strategies for clients. Originally from Peru, Cindy moved to the United States as a migrant on the hunt for a job opportunity that values her, challenges her, and helps her grow.

It was never easy to adjust to the American culture and even leave her native language behind, but challenges never stopped Cindy. Her fierce personality combined with her passion for women empowerment has helped her emerge as a women leader in Tulfa contributing and empowering all those around her.

Tulfa is like no other company, we make our own rules. Our women executives and professionals gain experience and extraordinary skills over the years, working with us. There is no limit to how much you can grow while working at Tulfa, you are the only one who gets to decide that.

Aude Augias

Aude is known for her perseverance, experience in the corporate world along with her innovative ideas. She is Tulfa’s new, extraordinary addition to our exceptional global team and is working as the Director of Brand Partnership and Retail Alliances. Aude has a Master’s degree in Management, Business Administration from Audencia University, from France in 2011, with a remarkable performance and obtaining a 98% credit.

She has a corporate experience of over 8 years and has worked in several capacities and roles, making her experience invaluable. She’s worked in global companies like EY, Shiseido over the years as a consultant, manager and then also as a strategic investment and digital transformation manager.

Her years of experience have led her to form strong connections and networks all over the globe to fulfil her role efficiently. Aude has worked in Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York and is now based out of Central America. Her achievements aren’t only limited to her corporate experience, with her innovation and entrepreneurship spirit, she is also the founder of her own venture, Rico’s Coffee.

Moreover, she is multilingual and fluent in Japanese. At Tulfa, we believe that an individual’s work and personal experiences should be embraced. With Aude’s extensive experience and extraordinary skill set, she has proved to be the perfect fit for the role while being an amazing addition to Tulfa’s global team.

Monica Sheikhy

Monica’s aptitude and intelligence compels us to call her as ‘The Jack of All Trades.’ Her addition to Tulfa’s Europe team while we continue to expand tremendously worldwide opens up a sea of opportunities for us, along with her valuable contribution. She is an expert in Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud computing. 

Monica has a Master’s degree from Germany, along with a Master’s degree in Film Production is a certified interior designer. She embraces the technical as well as artistic side of her personality and puts both of them to use to give innovative inputs. 

She has worked in several start-ups and renowned companies over the years, where she performed exceptionally in various capacities, making her experience in the technological industry invaluable for us.   Tulfa appreciates Monica’s interests and considers that diverse interests lead to better ideation and decision making.

Her presence in the company, during a global digital shift has proven to be imperative. Her understanding of augmented reality, virtual reality and extended reality and network in Europe, have proven to be beneficial for Tulfa’s Europe leg.  

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