Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Meta and Metaverse – The next generation of innovations

Meta and Metaverse – The next generation of innovations

After Facebook changed its name to Meta its stock price its market cap skyrocketed from $500 billion to $800 billion. What was this headline-making company up to? In a word, by expanding into the Metaverse, the firm was changing itself from a social networking site to a multi-faceted organisation.

Meta worked with Qualcomm to develop specialised chipsets for augmented and virtual reality systems. The Metaverse’s most important components are augmented reality and virtual reality.
Metaverse is collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies on bespoke virtual reality chipsets for our future Quest product roadmap, driven by Snapdragon XR platforms and technologies – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has stated this in a press release released this week.

An engaging, inspiring, and even delightful universe

Imagine a world where you can reshape reality, augment spaces and places, and even invent new words. Well, the future is now! Introducing the Metaverse, a 3-D digital universe where avatars can meet, greet, and even do business within a single shared space. Imagine a place where you can travel anywhere without moving an inch, then view the universe in 3-D or even 360 degrees. This is the future of social media as envisioned by Metaverse.

The Facebook platform, Horizon Home, is the most exciting destination for businesses. The company has built a home environment that is open to all. It is also introducing fascinating gadgets, such as the Oculus headset, with which any business can innovate in order to reinvent the future.

Metaverse redefines social media

The Metaverse promises to redefine social media by creating a more immersive and interactive experience. Rather than simply posting updates or sharing photos, users will be able to explore virtual worlds and engage with others in a more meaningful way. This could have a profound impact on the way we interact with each other and could lead to more meaningful relationships.
Through a suite of apps, users will be able to create their own Metaverse environments using Meta’s Horizon Worlds. With Horizon Venues the business community can host live events and performances. In addition, the platform will also include a marketplace that will allow users to sell their own digital assets. With such an ambitious approach, it looks like Horizon is almost going beyond social media.

In case you missed it, Facebook, Instagram, and What’s App (all owned by Facebook) are all prepping to be part of the new and improved Metaverse.

Imagine the immense possibilities of Metaverse eCommerce

Businesses that don’t take advantage of this technology today risk being left behind tomorrow. Tulfa believes that Augmented Reality is the future of eCommerce in the Metaverse. With augmented reality (AR), you get to see products in a whole new light. No more staring at a pair of jeans or shoes on your phone. Imagine if you (or your digital avatar) could put them on and check how they fit before purchasing them. Or better yet, imagine if you could see your face on different hairstyles or in different makeup and hair colors before salon appointment!

Sharing and experiencing augmented reality in the Metaverse

From augmented and virtual reality to Metaverse, technology’s reach doesn’t stop. But with interconnectivity, the reach goes beyond technology, it reaches people. Enabling people to experience technology together creates an immersive experience that is hard to forget.
JP Morgan, Wendy’s, and Samsung are all companies that have reputations for innovation and excellence. These companies have built social spaces in the Metaverse that mirror the essential ideas of social media platforms: open-mindedness, sharing, and collaboration. In addition, the Metaverse platform allows companies to create digital avatars and connect with other people and companies in the same space.

Tulfa – Boosting eCommerce Business Growth in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is an innovative and unique commercial landscape. It provides a new and dynamic dimension for engaging customers and increasing revenue. Tulfa provides three easy solutions to assist you in getting started in the Metaverse eCommerce world: virtual photography, 3D configurators, and Augmented Reality.

Tulfa Inc. is a global business based in the United States that creates eCommerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. Nestled in Chicago, Tulfa has assisted numerous Fortune 500 companies in providing their customers with a next-generation purchasing experience through the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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