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Presenting the ‘world’s most sustainable furniture factory’

Presenting the ‘world’s most sustainable furniture factory’

Norwegian outdoor furniture manufacturer Vestre has shifted its operations to a new factory, called The Plus, located in Magnor, Norway. The factory, designed by the renowned architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group, spans across an area of 75,000 square feet. It is the world’s most eco-friendly furniture factory.
The Plus design is unique in several ways. Firstly, it has been designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The design incorporates eco-friendly features that set it apart from other factories. It uses renewable energy sources, locally sourced materials, and innovative waste management systems. These are just a few examples of the many sustainable design elements that have been integrated into the factory’s design.

Furniture Factory Exterior Tulfa

A visually striking and functional space for employees

Another unique aspect of the Plus design of Vestre Building is its circular courtyard. It serves as the central hub of the facility. This feature provides a visually striking focal point and serves as a functional space for employees to socialize. The visitor center situated around the courtyard. It provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about the company’s values and mission.
Additionally, the factory’s four separate wings, are dedicated to different stages of production. This provides a streamlined workflow that maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste. The Color Factory, the Wood Factory, Assembly, and Warehouse are all arranged orthogonally. This creates a clear and intuitive flow of materials and products through the facility.
The Plus design is a unique combination of form and function, seamlessly integrating sustainability, efficiency, and innovation into a cohesive and visually striking whole.

The first in the world to achieve the highest possible sustainability rating

The new factory is a testament to Vestre’s commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. It incorporates a range of environmentally-friendly features. This includes the use of locally sourced materials, the integration of renewable energy sources, and the implementation of innovative waste management systems. The Plus is a shining example of how sustainable design can be seamlessly integrated into functional industrial spaces. This paves the way for a more environmentally conscious future.
The Plus factory is striving to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating. This makes it the first of its kind in the world to do so. The BREEAM rating system is a widely recognized measure of a building’s sustainability performance, assessing factors such as energy efficiency, water usage, and materials selection. An Outstanding rating is the highest possible achievement and indicates exceptional sustainability performance.
The Plus factory is well on its way to achieving this rating. Its energy consumption levels are 60% lower than comparable factories and 55% lower greenhouse gas emissions. The factory’s green rooftop is covered in 900 solar panels, contributing to the building’s renewable energy sources. Additionally, the facility aims to reuse between 90% and 95% of its water, further reducing its environmental impact.

Furniture Factory Interior Tulfa

An inviting outdoor space covered in natural vegetation

The green rooftop not only contributes to the factory’s energy efficiency but also serves as an elevated public space covered in natural forest vegetation. This unique feature provides an inviting outdoor space for employees and visitors alike to relax and enjoy nature. The large windows in all four wings of the factory allow visitors to observe the manufacturing process. They enjoy bird’s-eye views of the surrounding landscape from the rooftop.
Furthermore, the factory’s unique design sets it apart from other industrial factories by intentionally avoiding the use of fences, borders, or confidential premises zones. This aligns with Vestre’s mission of creating “the world’s most open and transparent factory,” providing visitors with an unobstructed view of the manufacturing process and promoting transparency in the company’s operations.

Sustainable furniture factory pushing design boundaries

The Plus factory’s sustainable design and commitment to transparency and openness have resulted in a groundbreaking project that sets a new standard for sustainable industrial design. According to Viktoria Millentrup, the Project Lead at BIG, designing the Plus factory was like creating a whole new typology for a sustainable, accessible, colorful production facility with a public park. She emphasized that the factory serves as a prototype for the green transition and raises the question of what would happen to the planet if all industrial buildings followed this concept.
The unique typology of the Plus factory is a testament to BIG’s expertise in creating innovative and sustainable designs. Recently, BIG also opened the Google Bay HQ campus, which it designed jointly with Heatherwick Studio. The firm has also won bids to design a new philharmonic hall in Prague and a food tech hub in Spain, beating out competition from other major firms like OMA and Snøhetta. These projects showcase BIG’s versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable design in various fields.

Furniture Factory Interior Tulfa

Inspiring others to prioritize sustainability in industrial architecture

Vestre’s new factory showcases the company’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. The Plus is a prime example of how sustainable design can be seamlessly integrated into functional industrial spaces. This sets a new standard for environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.
The factory’s sustainable design aligns with BIG’s approach to creating innovative and environmentally conscious architecture. This further highlights its commitment to sustainable urban design. Additionally, BIG was recently announced as the winner of a major research center competition in Seville for the European Commission. Thus, further cementing the firm’s reputation as a leader in sustainable design.
Overall, Vestre’s Plus factory showcases how sustainability and industrial design can work in harmony.

Furniture Designs Vestre Tulfa

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Tulfa’s expertise in 3D product modeling, 3D product configuration, 3D rendering, 3D eCommerce product photography, and 3D virtual showrooms makes them a valuable partner for furniture manufacturing companies, both large and small. For sustainable furniture manufacturers like Vestre, Tulfa can provide 3D product modeling and rendering services that accurately showcase the company’s eco-friendly products in a visually appealing way. Additionally, Tulfa can help create 3D virtual showrooms, which are an excellent way for customers to experience Vestre’s furniture in a virtual environment.
For small furniture manufacturing companies involved in eCommerce sales, Tulfa’s services are equally valuable. Tulfa provides 3D product modeling and rendering services that enable small companies to showcase their products in a visually compelling way. This helps them stand out in a crowded online marketplace. Also, Tulfa can help create 3D product configurations that allow customers to customize their furniture orders in real-time. This provides a unique and personalized shopping experience to the customers. Finally, Tulfa’s 3D eCommerce product photography services can help small furniture manufacturers showcase their products in an eye-catching way, increasing online sales and revenue.
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