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Pride means more : celebrating Pride means connecting with the community

Pride means more : celebrating Pride means connecting with the community

Pride is about being able to express our true selves. It is about being able to bring our whole selves in front of the world in any situation-including work situations.

When individuals are given a safe space to express themselves, speak up-new ideas and approaches come to life. These ideas and innovative opinions are what make Tulfa different and successful in its field.

At Tulfa, our people are our greatest assets and the driving force behind our success. Ensuring everyone reaches their full potential is of importance to us, which is why we foster an inclusive environment. We believe in taking everyone together on our tremendous journey of growth and learning.

Throughout June, Tulfa associates commemorate Pride month and LGBTQ+ equality. We, as an organization believes that every individual should be their true self and highlight the importance of being an ally. We are dedicated to promoting a positive, inclusive workplace for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. All Tulfa associates are invited to attend a variety of events including LGBTQ+ pronoun and ally training, discussion about LGBTQ+ parenthood, and intersectional identities.

How does Tulfa create an inclusive workplace?

1. Mandatory training for all: Diversity training encourages employees to embrace people from various backgrounds and cultures. They empower employees to think about inclusion and how they can make a conscious effort to make everyone feel welcomed.
2. Lead from the top: At Tulfa, we believe that an inclusive attitude starts at the top. The leadership and managers understand the importance of diversity and support.
3. Start with honest conversations: A truly inclusive work culture provides employees with a space to comfortably speak. We believe that the easiest way to a diverse inclusive culture is to encourage open and honest
4. Continue learning: Creating a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion is a constantly evolving process. Tulfa regularly evaluates its programs and employee sentiments; while constantly improving.

Tulfa has been an ally and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and takes pride in all our community members who help us create an inclusive and diverse work environment for all. We actively encourage our community members, clients and associates to understand what being an ally means.

What does it mean to be an ally?

Being an LGBTQ+ ally means using your position and privilege to support this community and advocating for change. Having workplace allies is critical for creating an accepting and inclusive environment. It is a commitment to help amplify and uplift the voices and lives, of those who are often overlooked, with equity as a goal. Allies can do several things to support their colleagues at work and create an inclusive environment.

Safe spaces for all

The end goal is to create a safe space for all. It is always the right time to focus on inclusion and diversity. Tulfa, as a changemaker has a unique amount of power to simply not just create a safe workplace but also, celebratory for all. Pride is a celebration of individuality and the expression of one’s real self.

“It feels refreshing to be a part of a workplace, where everyone can be their true selves and can get the acceptance, equality they deserve. Tulfa’s inclusive and diverse work environment makes work enjoyable!”
Loukeek Bornare, CEO

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