3D and CGI

Elevate product experiences for higher levels of engagement and effectiveness  

50% of online shoppers made purchases with the help of images
50% rise in average order value
42% increase in on-site conversions

Experience the best of configurable 3D in stunning 2D

We leverage 3D configuration to create stunning 2D eCommerce images, enabling real-time image scaling and customization. Choose our robust solution to drive co-creation, nurture brand loyalty, and amplify conversions.

Tulfa 3D Product Rendering

Why Tulfa Product Imagery?

Create scalable, dynamic imagery with Tulfa 

Break free from the limitations of traditional product photography practices. Forget the hassle of renting studios, gathering props, and hiring expensive photographers. Eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly photoshoots. With Tulfa, create immersive product images revealing intricate details for a comprehensive customer experience.

The power of scalable photography 

Generate photorealistic 2D images from just a few 3D files. Seamlessly showcase your items with stunning images, regardless of size variations. This scalable approach boosts visual appeal, optimizes resources, enables quick updates, and maintains branding across your eCommerce platform.


Create an immersive configuration environment

Step into the new eCommerce era with user-centric 3D interaction, offering diverse choices like colors, textures, materials, and designs. Seamlessly responsive across devices, it boosts confidence in purchases. Our focus on UX/UI and user engagement ensures optimal eCommerce results.

3D Product Modeling Enables Prototyping


Maximize your product customization

We enable easy configuration of complex products like furniture, home improvement tools, machinery, jewelry, and more with limitless image customization. Display your product images to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Upgrade your eCommerce store with dynamic enhancements 

Tulfa transforms shopping with transparent and convenient experiences. Explore our features: effortlessly curate and share wish-lists, seamlessly share custom product setups, and enjoy real-time dynamic pricing updates for complete transparency.


Unlock the full potential of CAD drawings 

Tulfa's innovative services enable you to generate CAD drawings at scale, effortlessly and in real-time. With our powerful automation capabilities, you can streamline your CAD workflows and improve your productivity, while reducing errors and achieving greater consistency. Our innovative software can handle even the most complex CAD designs, allowing you to generate high-quality drawings with ease. 


Personalize products with our suite of customization services 

Empower your customers to express their creativity and craft truly distinctive products through Tulfa's services. Personalizing products has never been simpler – whether it's choosing from a variety of colors, textures and materials to match their preferences. Our range of customization options caters to customers' unique choices, enhancing their shopping experience.

Tulfa 3D Product Modeling for Suitcases

Explore the endless possibilities of Product Imagery 

Tulfa’s Product Imagery solutions seamlessly integrate with all the leading eCommerce platforms, delivering unrivaled versatility and flexibility. Choose Tulfa and take your product imagery to the next level for optimal results. 

Empower your customers to customize products 

Get in touch to showcase your products on eCommerce websites.

Transform your eCommerce brand experience with Product Imagery  

Enable your customers to customize and personalize their purchases in real-time  

Create unrivalled
shopping experiences
for your consumers


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