Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Lifestyle 3D Scenes

Client’s Objective: 
The primary objective of this project was to create captivating 3D lifestyle scenes that showcase Rackbuddy’s products, including racks and frames. Rackbuddy’s products are elegantly straightforward. Their minimalist design is intentional, emphasizing functionality without unnecessary frills. Our task was to ensure that this simplicity stood out amidst the visual richness of the scenes, providing the same visual impact as a real-world photoshoot for their product catalog. 

Target Audience:
The target audience for these 3D scenes included potential customers, interior designers, eCommerce businesses, retailers, distributors and anyone interested in home organization solutions. The scenes aimed to convey the brand’s aesthetics and functionality.

Key Insights 
a) Current Perception 
Before the project, Rackbuddy was perceived as a reliable provider of practical storage solutions. However, their visual representation lacked the emotional appeal needed to resonate with customers seeking stylish and modern home decor. 
b) Brand Personality 
Rackbuddy’s brand personality was rooted in simplicity, functionality, and a touch of Scandinavian design. They wanted to enhance this personality through visually appealing lifestyle scenes. 
c) Product Highlights 
Rackbuddy’s product range included innovative racks, frames, and storage solutions. Their products were known for their durability, versatility, and minimalist design. 
d) Desired Perception 
The goal was to position Rackbuddy as a brand that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. The desired perception was that of a stylish, practical, and trendsetting home organization brand. 

Creative Art Direction: With extensive experience and expertise, we excel in understanding lifestyle concepts, mastering Nordic style, where clean lines and a minimalist approach capture the essence of Nordic design, integrating products, showcasing creativity and attention to detail, and adhering to deadlines efficiently. 
In-House 3D Rendering Team: Our skilled 3D rendering artists meticulously crafted each scene, ensuring accurate representation of Rackbuddy’s products. 
Mood Boards: We referred to various mood boards to align our scenes with the desired aesthetics. 
Quality Assurance: A dedicated team reviewed each phase of the project to maintain consistency and quality. 

Crafting interiors with cozy simplicity, we delivered lifelike 3D scenes for Rackbuddy, blending Nordic warmth with efficient turnaround. Leveraging our efficient workflow, we ensured timely completion even under tight deadlines.

Final Analysis: 
As a result of this project, Rackbuddy achieved significant benefits: cost savings through avoiding expensive photoshoots, time efficiency with quick delivery of 3D scenes meeting catalog deadlines, and an enhanced brand perception, positioning them as a preferred choice for stylish yet functional home organization solutions. 

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