Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Selling Furniture with Tulfa’s 3D Product Configuration Services

Selling Furniture with Tulfa’s 3D Product Configuration Services

Selling furniture on a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon can be daunting. With Tulfa’s 3D product configuration services, your furniture can stand out from the crowd. Many customers prefer to physically see and touch furniture before making a purchase, but you can still capture their attention by bringing the in-store experience to your online store. Our 3D product configuration services, easily integrated on Amazon, allows you to recreate the tactile experience for customers, offering a superior shopping experience. The use of 3D technology for customization is a growing trend, and by offering custom orders, you have a competitive edge. Our 3D product configuration services have unique benefits for furniture sales, making it the perfect tool to enhance your offerings and increase your sales on Amazon. Embrace the future of eCommerce and upgrade your furniture offerings with our 3D product configuration services today!
At Tulfa, our 3D product configuration services provide customers with the top four advantages to make informed purchasing decisions and boost sales:

High-Resolution Visualization:

A lack of quality information in the form of visuals is a significant challenge for eCommerce consumers. Our 3D product configurator showcases every detail of your furniture in high-resolution, giving shoppers the confidence, they need to make informed purchases. With a wide array of visualization options, our product configurator meets and exceeds consumer expectations for viewing your furniture, leading to increased conversions and a boost for your business. Don’t let a lack of quality visuals hold you back. Choose Tulfa’s 3D product configuration services and power up your eCommerce sales.

Visualize a Variety of Chair Options with 3D Product Configuration

Bring your furniture to the forefront with Tulfa’s visualization services – Illuminate the details

Elevate your eCommerce game with cutting-edge technology that will transform the way customers experience your products. Our visualization services include:

Virtual Photography: Say goodbye to costly traditional photography and generate stunning, photorealistic images of unlimited products. Save up to 90% compared to traditional photography and showcase your furniture in a whole new light.

Product Customizer: Let customers create custom products in real-time with dynamic visualization capabilities. As they make changes, our product customizer updates the images to reflect their choices, giving them an immersive and interactive experience.

Product Configurator: Empower customers to build their own products from the ground up. With our user-friendly product configurator, they can tailor their furniture to their specific needs and preferences.

Interactive 3D Images and Models: Shoppers can get up close and personal with your products like never before. With the ability to spin and zoom, they can see your furniture in incredible detail, giving them the confidence, they need to make informed purchases.

360° Visuals: Take customers on a virtual tour of your products with 360° visuals. They can see your furniture from every angle as if they’re holding it in their hand, and you can add hotspots to display additional information, detail, or context. With Tulfa’s visualization services, you can create a truly immersive shopping experience for your customers.

Provide Options that include Sizes, Colors, Furnishings and Textures

The Power of Visuals: Unveiling the Data Behind it

Expectations are sky-high with customers seeking an average of 5-8 images per product page.

Visuals reign supreme as 93% of online consumers affirm that it is a critical factor in their purchase decisions, with 90% of Etsy customers placing immense emphasis on photo quality.

High-quality images beat out product descriptions and reviews, with nearly half of consumers rating it as a top priority.

Lack of information or detail leads to a staggering 70% of shoppers abandoning their furniture purchase, outpacing even concerns over pricing.

Two images can double sales compared to a single image, and a staggering four times that of products with no images.

A mere increase in the size of product photos on category pages can boost sales by nearly 10%.

eBay’s research shows that “super-sized” images can double conversions and slideshows featuring various angles increase sales by a phenomenal 65%.

Presenting products in a dramatic manner is what more than three-quarters of eCommerce shoppers desire, and almost all seek 360° visuals.

A study found that zooming, spinning, or changing viewing angles of images had a substantial impact on consumer trust, and highly recommended the use of 3D models for websites.

Make Your Furniture Look Exciting With Accurate Light and Shadows Display

When it comes to selling furniture, the display of light and shadows is a crucial factor in making a successful sale. That’s where Tulfa’s product customizer services truly shine.

With Tulfa’s XR platform, you can:

Generate an endless supply of photorealistic product images that showcase your furniture pieces with flawlessly rendered lighting and shadows.

Transform 3D models into fully interactive 360° and 3D images and videos that display your furniture from every angle, in motion.

Showcase your customizable product options, then reuse the visuals for ads, product catalogs, thumbnails, instructional videos, your YouTube channel, or blog, and even on social media.

Give users an immersive and interactive experience as they customize their ideal furniture piece, with dynamic visuals that change to reflect their custom choices.

Present your Furniture on eCommerce Website with Utmost Clarity

Boost Your Furniture Sales with Tulfa’s Product Customization Services

Transform your furniture designs into immersive, augmented reality experiences that bring them to life in your customer’s space. With Tulfa’s product customizer, you can easily create photorealistic images and 3D models that are augmented reality-compatible.

Allow your shoppers to visualize their custom furniture designs in their own space, ensuring a perfect fit for both size and aesthetic. The dynamic visualization capabilities will accurately display changes in angles, light, and shadow positions, creating a realistic and lifelike representation of the product. With AR for eCommerce on the rise, take advantage of its potential to boost sales, increase customer retention, and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Empower Your Buyers with Unmatched Customization Options

Transform the way your customers purchase fixtures with Tulfa‘s product customizer. Our platform is equipped with a sophisticated product builder that enables product customization with ease, empowering buyers with the ability to mix and match options like color and finish.

But that’s not all – take customization to the next level with our 3D product configurator, allowing buyers to build their own unique creations from scratch.

With our cutting-edge technology, even those without prior experience can navigate the simple admin panel and enjoy the benefits of our platform, thanks to its user-friendly features like the built-in conditional logic and ability to hide options. Experience seamless customization with Tulfa’s product customizer.

Revolutionize Your Product Customization with Cutting-Edge Technology

Tulfa’s product customizer empowers you to streamline your customization process and achieve unparalleled efficiency. With our advanced features, you can:

Take advantage of intuitive templates and bulk actions to design at lightning speeds and with unprecedented intelligence.

Simplify choices for your customers with easy checkboxes and dropdown menus.

Allow customers to add a personal touch with the ability to upload JPG, PNG or SVG files, including their favorite clipart or personal images.

Provide ample opportunities for personalization with text fields for custom text inputs.

And if you encounter any challenges, our highly skilled and friendly support team is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Unlock the full potential of product customization and drive sales like never before with Tulfa’s cutting-edge product configurator technology.

Deliver High Value To Your Customers For Repeat Businesses

Revolutionize Your eCommerce Selling Strategy with Tulfa’s Advanced Services

Unleash the full potential of your eCommerce sales with Tulfa‘s cutting-edge technology. Our 3D modeling, 3D product configuration, augmented reality, and Amazon storefronts services will take your eCommerce game to the next level.

Bring your furniture to life with photorealistic 3D images, interactive 360° visuals, and dynamic AR experiences. Engage customers with a fully immersive shopping experience that they won’t forget.

Transform your Amazon storefronts into sleek, professional online shops with easy-to-use customization tools and amazing visuals. Take advantage of the millions of Amazon shoppers and increase your reach and sales.

Don’t settle for a subpar eCommerce experience. Take your furniture sales to the next level with Tulfa’s advanced solutions. Get in touch with us at to learn more about how we can help your business.

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