Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Meta and Metaverse – The next generation of innovations

After Facebook changed its name to Meta its stock price its market cap skyrocketed from $500 billion to $800 billion. What was this headline-making company up to? In a word, by expanding into the Metaverse, the firm was changing itself from a social networking site to a multi-faceted organisation. Meta worked with Qualcomm to develop […]

How customers will enjoy shopping in the metaverse

Tulfa can transport your customers into the realistic and fully immersive Metaverse. When you create virtual walkthroughs of your products or services, you deliver an experience that is more impactful, memorable, and persuasive.

Augmented Reality in Furniture – Powering Better ROI in Metaverse

Augmented Reality has now become a big player in the furniture industry, allowing customers to view furniture in their homes online before they purchase. This is an attractive new shopping experience in the furniture industry, and will be a revolutionary way of viewing furniture.


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