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Innovative augmented reality solutions for
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Ecommerce Growth in a COVID-19 World: Take Advantage!

Ecommerce Growth in a COVID-19 World: Take Advantage!

As time goes on, the business industry experiences less growth in traditional sales and more growth in eCommerce. In today’s digital age, online sales are more important than ever. Additionally, considering the world’s current pandemic, people are staying home and spending more online than they would have otherwise. 

According to a recent study by retail analytics firm Quantum Metric, both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce American businesses have experienced a 52 percent revenue growth rate in online sales between January 27 and February 23. Since the spread of COVID-19 across the world, not only has online traffic increased but so have conversion rates. After analyzing more than 5.5 billion U.S.-based retail site visitors, the study found an 8.8 percent increase in conversion rates over the same period in 2019.

With online sales only increasing every year, sellers can just sit back and watch the numbers grow, right? Not exactly. The rapidly growing digital ecosystem breeds competition every day, as new businesses constantly try to wedge their way into the industry with innovative ideas. Even the world’s largest companies, like Amazon, risk losing their status if they get complacent. 

To ensure steady growth in this new decade, online retailers must stay ahead of the competition by utilizing cutting edge technology and creating immersive content to enhance customer experience. This is where Tulfa comes in.

As innovators at the heart of the eCommerce industry, we create content that resonates with customers, and we’re going to show you how.

Create Personalized Shopping Experiences 

One of the primary ways Tulfa helps its clients grow is by simplifying the shopping experience on their website. Taxonomy management ensures that customers can easily find what they are looking for through simple but meticulously crafted menus. While this is one aspect by which we improve websites, we like to go even further. According to the Boston Consulting Group, implementing personalized experiences into retail websites yields at least a 25 percent increase in revenue.

We enhance the shopping experience by using advanced web-design AI to track customers as they shop and accurately predict which page they want to see next. Suggesting similar, relevant products below a product they are already browsing is a great way to build trust and increase sales. If they feel catered to, they are much more likely to shop with you.

Prioritize Mobile Shopping 

As retail becomes increasingly digital, people are more likely to shop on a computer than in a store. As convenient as a desktop or laptop computer is, they do not match the convenience of the personal computers that most people carry in their pockets today—smart phones. In the United States, Growcode estimates that more than half of customers shop using mobile devices. In Europe, that number is up to 55 percent.

With these numbers only increasing every year, we help our clients not only maintain an online presence, but a mobile-friendly one. Along with mobile functionality, it is important to always make small tweaks to your website to ensure potential customers can easily make a purchase. Supporting multiple payment options, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, is a great convenience to customers.  

Another crucial mobile asset that Tulfa provides is the hero image. When made correctly, a hero image clearly displays a product, brand, and any essential attributes to customers when quickly scrolling down an Amazon, or related competitive marketplace, listing. If you sell hair products, you want your shampoo to stand out from the rest when appearing in a search.

Reinvent Product Content 

Since the inception of advertising, sellers have used static images to market their products. As business evolves from print and in-store to online, it makes sense for content to also evolve. Many sellers still rely on traditional imagery, but this is quickly changing. 

One of Tulfa’s major pillars is our 360-degree product photography department. By photographing products on turntables, we create interactive spin files and videos that our clients use to stand out from their competition. By giving customers the ability to view a full rotation of a product at their own pace, sellers are establishing a unique connection with their customers. 

Implementing spin, brand, and how-to videos is another way to make a positive customer impression. A survey conducted by Builderfly found that 84 percent of customers were convinced to buy a product after watching a brand’s video. 

Bottom line—if you are not taking advantage of enhanced brand content, now is the time to start. It is important to be among the first companies to fully embrace the digital landscape to get ahead of the competition.

Explore Augmented Reality 

As convenient as online shopping is, the in-store shopping experience is something that could not be matched—until now. While still in its early stages, major retailers have begun to support augmented reality to revolutionize the online shopping experience. 

Using CGI technology, Tulfa creates 3D models for client products that are easily integrated into augmented reality programs. With AR, shoppers can accurately visualize products in their own home. They can also immerse themselves in meticulously designed, virtual worlds to view specific products in the best way. This is hugely beneficial for furniture products, such as sofas or tables, prompting shoppers to buy products that they like and avoid return hassles of any products they do not. This saves both buyers and sellers time and money, promoting overall ecommerce growth.

Utilize Content Agencies 

Creating compelling content or integrating new technology can be overwhelming for many retailers. Luckily, we are here to help. The above points are some of the major ways to increase your ecommerce growth, but there are many smaller, but no less important, aspects that would be difficult to explain without direct collaboration 

As one of the industry’s leading content agencies, we are confident we are the best at what we do. Instead of just explaining our services, allow us to show you. Simply pick a product, send us its basic details and dimensions, and tell us whether you want it converted into a 360-degree spin, 3D model, or both. In just 72 hours, you will have your free sample!  

For any further questions, connect with us on social media or by emailing us at 

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