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Product Features and Benefits: What’s the Difference?

Product Features and Benefits: What’s the Difference?

There are different ways to boost online sales instead of investing in getting new shoppers to your website. One of potential way to make rich product content that results in more online purchases. There are various techniques by which you can do this. One generally neglected method is just to edit both your landing page content and your ad content to emphasize a product’s benefits rather than its features. However, this is easier said than done. Mastering attractive product content is quite tricky.  

In this post, we are going to simplify and tell you the step-by-step process to implement this effective sales-boosting technique. 

Think about the product benefits 

There are fundamental questions that may arise in the mind of a prospective buyer when he/she arrives at your website and considers buying a product, such as: 

1) How will my current situation improve with this product or service?  

2) What’s the catch for me in buying that specific item? 

One secret to writing effective product content that boosts online sales is to target on clarifying an issue or satisfying a demand of your ideal consumer.  

Effective Product Content: 

  1. Clarifies an issue 
  2. Satisfies customer demand 
  3. Increases buyers 

For writing profit-directed content, it’s a good strategy to put the spotlight on a solution. 

Profit-directed content that solves a specific problem: 

  1. Keeps the user informed 
  2. Clarifies the product that is to be purchased 
  3. Saves time for customers 

For instance, if someone’s phone runs out of battery and they have no access to a phone charger, then they may think of buying a portable charger you sell. He or she may want to know how much time the charger takes to charge the phone completely, or if it is easy to carry because of its size and weight. 

More than 60 percent of online shoppers consider a store’s return policy before choosing to buy a product.

Understanding product features: 

A product feature is a distinctive trait of a product or service that sets it apart from other similar items and influences its online sales. Most sellers and business owners are enthusiastic about the features of their product or service and dedicate a major chunk of their product description to describe them. For instance, a smartphone manufacturer can highlight on the RAM capacity and storage space available on the device 

The issues in mentioning product features 

It is easier to make a mental connection between a product’s features and benefits for someone who is highly familiar with the product and its services. 


Highlighting Product Features: 

  • Gives accurate information about the product 
  • Maintains connection between user and product 
  • Reduces product search time 
  • Smooths the shopping experience 

An individual who is familiar with smartphone devices can quickly grasp the information about the device. If a seller is offering a smartphone that has a 4000 mAh battery capacity and comes with a 3A battery charger, then: 

  • They instantly understand that the device quickly recharges when drained. 
  • They know the battery lasts for one and a half to two days on average usage. 

On the other hand, the average smartphone user probably struggles to understand the numbers and letters that make up battery capacity. 

So, just because you are deeply knowledgeable about your item or service does not mean that your average buyer is equally well-informed about the developments and improvements in your product features. In fact, the common buyer fails to understand the vocabulary, corporate standards, and other important specific features mentioned in the product content for the product manufactured or sold by you. This has a negative impact on conversion and online sales. 

It’s important to take note of the fact that generally, an average shopper is least concerned with investigating the features of an item and the benefits associated with it while going through its product content. 

Finding your ideal customer  

It is a well-known proverb that in order to climb a mountain, first, you require a mountain! Similarly, in this context, it is necessary to identify the potential problems before solving them. People use different products in different ways. In this case, it is necessary to find your ideal buyers rather than trying to make everyone understand everything about the product. 

One can effectively identify an ideal buyer with the help of the following parameters: 

  • Age  
  • Gender 
  • Earning 
  • Career  
  • Interests 
  • Activities 
  • Family type 
  • Purchasing habits 
  • Expectations of the buyer 

Writing benefits-directed content 

In order to grow online sales, you need to switch the product description from features to benefits. You can do this by implementing the following:

  1. Think about the important product features.
  2. Think about the product benefits
  3. The next step is to make a list of the important characteristics that you want to highlight about your products. 
  4. Use them in the product landing pages and ads, or wherever you might feel it is important to mention them.
  5. Next to each product feature, write down the product benefit corresponding to it. 

For example, a Bluetooth speaker should have certain characteristics, such as its bass, loudness, battery life, water resistance and rugged durability (features), that make it preferable while traveling (benefit) and thus result in more online sales. 

Scripting effective product content 

After combining a lineup of the top five to six significant product features and their uses, you are ready to write your product description. The next step is to remove everything in your content that focuses on a feature and replace it with a description that focuses on its corresponding product benefit 

Draft this new version of your product content based on the best practices listed below and then display it on your website’s product page to see a visible increase in your online sales. 

Attention-capturing title 

Analyze and spot the most prioritized product benefit on your table and construct a compelling and fascinating title that spotlights that benefit. Keep the vocabulary simple and clear and avoid the use of any technical words. 

Steps to create an attention-grabbing title: 

  • Analyze the product 
  • Spot the product benefit 
  • Create a fascinating and catchy title 
  • Use simple language 
  • Try to avoid using technical terms 

The most important question that you should ask while creating these titles is ‘are the top listed benefits useful for the consumer? Does the consumer care about the RAM, storage memory and battery backup of the smartphone or do they seek anything else?’ 

  • The product content layout should be well-organized and simple  

Usually, buyers and consumers do not read the entire product description. They prefer scanning and reading small chunks of the writing. So, focus on writing effective product content for boosting online sales by: 

  •  Using small paragraphs  
  •  Distributing the buying message in other parts of the content 
  •  Avoiding unnecessary judgment points 
  •  Defining each advantage in a few limited sentences 
  •  Not using technical details 

Write informally 

Design your product content in such a manner that a reader may think that they are having a person-to-person conversation while reading it. Explain the advantages of your items and goods in brief and simple language. 

Product features and benefits are essential for effective online selling 

Some of the other important factors that are necessary for developing a successful product content page include the unique selling propositions, or the USP, of a product and its irresistible offers. However, when it comes to boosting conversions, adapting and customizing product features and benefits, and demonstrating what you can do for your buyers are the first crucial steps that take you a long way in effective online selling. 

Factors that develop successful product content: 

  1. USP of the product 
  2. A product’s offers and discounts 
  3. Customized product features and benefits 

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