Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Enabling Brand Retailers To Win on the Digital Shelf

Consumers are adopting omnichannel shopping experiences. Consistency along the purchase journey is key to any business. This makes it crucial for companies to ensure it is delivering the best possible omnichannel experiences for its customers.

Focusing on enriching shopping experiences

Effective product data management to achieve operational excellence

Tulfa manages products' data across multiple sales channels including retail sites, marketplaces and e-commerce websites. For brands to remain competitive and keep the product information updated, we continuously and consistently adapt to the changing needs of the customers.

Personalizing buying experiences across all stages

The four stages of buying experiences are awareness, consideration, purchase, and consumption. Customizing customers' purchasing experiences for all stages of the buying process has become crucial.

Look beyond legacy product information management solutions. Ensure customization of content, along with the implementation of bespoke syndication methods with Tulfa.

Creating effective omnichannel strategies

The Tulfa Product Experience Management team ensures management, syndication and publication of digital product content to multiple channels. So when a customer is ready to purchase your product, the information they require is readily available.

Maximizing the impact of the Digital Shelf

Attracting Consumer Engagement

Tulfa Consumer Engagement strategies gives marketers an opportunity to reach a diverse audience.

Tulfa Activation

Syndicating product content across multiple channels and publishing it to any consumer touchpoint.

Tulfa Asset Management

Collect, manage, and updates product information across the digital shelf.

Enhanced Tulfa Content

Enhancing and optimizing product pages to create engaging customer shopping experiences.

Capture the attention of your target audience and ensure your brand's discovery

A well-planned Digital Shelf with 3D-Photos and A+ Content is a necessity to attract and retain customers. Trust Tulfa’s expertise to ensure your eCommerce success.

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