Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
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Unleashing creativity in 3D: Inspired by tiles and flooring

Unleashing creativity in 3D: Inspired by tiles and flooring

These are the sun-soaked summer months. When mercury touches 400 your customers are reluctant to leave their homes to shop. Now, there’s a solution to this. Leading tiles and flooring brands, across the world, sell their products by connecting with their customers virtually. Highly engaging 3D visuals and videos are going to be the best way to reach out to more audiences, and deliver your brand message effectively. 

Allow your customers to visualize gloriously designed spaces with your tiles and flooring. Let them see themselves surrounded by gleaming tiles, shimmering marble flooring, gold-plated decorative elements, and more. Yes, give them the delight of a stunning and luxurious haven in virtual reality. 

Visualize new flooring and tiles at home
Let your customers discover their paradise 

Marble is one of the most beautiful natural elements on planet Earth. Its ageless beauty adds charm, character, and elegance to any space. A natural stone, marble has a certain level of unpredictability, but that only makes it more exciting for 3D visualizers to work on! 

By using state-of-the-art platforms, our 3D visualizers provide customers with a 3D user experience similar to a real environment. Users can interact with the 3D visuals in the virtual world by using their own hands. To create 3D objects, our 3D visualizer performs spatial manipulations, translation of photographs into 3D, rotations, color corrections of the products and more. 

Online 3D walkthroughs are becoming increasingly popular too. Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of this trend. By providing walkthroughs for their retail outlets, Tulfa helps businesses reach a wider audience and build customer loyalty. 

3D walkthrough videos with keyword product animations, dynamic video browsing, object selection and more make a video more interactive. Your advantage; when consumers become more informed and knowledgeable about your products, their engagement reaches a whole new level.  

View options of flooring and tiles
Creating a realistic 3D virtual environment 

3D virtual reality creates a sense of unparalleled realism. This technology has the potential to engage people in ways that are not possible with traditional forms of media. In this virtual world, customers can explore by moving around within it, or looking at objects from different angles. 

Allow us to introduce you to some of the key processes we follow to create a virtual reality environment: 

1. Idea sketching 

Before modeling any environment, it is designed first. A conceptual outline of the final result is created. Render is the final 3D representation of a sketch. 

2. Reference material and tools  

3D Virtual Reality is a recreation of a real-world environment, objects and ideas. A3D visualizer’s imagination is the biggest limit that you can have in 3D creations. By using inspiration and references they fuel their creativity and make your creations more realistic. 

3. Modeling and Texturing 

After the basic design is done, it will be time for your products to come to life. Our 3D artists define the object’s size, shape and position in the environment to create a prototype of your product. 

Texturing is what gives an object form and depth including a sense of realism. Simply speaking, when texturing an object, an artist simulates the material and makes it lifelike. 

See tiles and flooring in accurate details
4. Environment  

The environment is the surrounding imagery of a model. This may include space, layout, shadow, and contextual patterns. By keeping all of this mind, our 3D artists create an environment while they model. 

5. Perspective 

The perspective of a model can define the viewer experience. You must have noticed that a 3D model of a character will look dominating or striking from a low angle looking upward. Conversely, a bird’s eye view makes the environment look smaller. 

6. Lighting 

A luxe experience can be created with mood lighting. The reason why, to create a romantic ambiance in your virtual shop, it is important to create a sense of luxury, intimacy, and coziness. The key to creating such an ambiance is lighting. Most importantly, lighting affects how customers feel and perceive a space, and hence it controls their mood.

A highly interactive shopping experience
Tulfa – Distinctive creators of immersive experiences 

“At Tulfa, we create virtual spaces that are similar to physical spaces. Customers navigating through virtual spaces experience an immersive feeling. Our passion for creativity powers us to create virtual realities. With uncompromising quality, authentic craftsmanship and understanding of functional aesthetics of the tiles and flooring guide our artists capture your retail outlets and products and showcase them in great detail. Our creations act as a bridge between the client and a customer… isn’t that wonderful? I am elated to see our clients value the craftsmanship reflected in our creations.” –  -Sonali Bagrecha, CEO, Tulfa

At Tulfa, we believe in perfection at great speed. Today, with the world moving at an extremely fast pace, it’s a prime necessity to design ideas, get them executed quickly and ensure the aesthetics perfectly. This eventually ensures that products move out of our client’s showroom at a great speed. For more details, contact us at 

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