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Use Content Engagement to Attract a Larger Customer Base

Use Content Engagement to Attract a Larger Customer Base

Content engagement is a term that is frequently used in the digital marketing landscape. Having a high engagement rate is a desire of anyone who posts blogs or articles, especially for big businesses. Building engagement with your audience to keep them coming back for more is critical to long-term social success in this digital age.  

Here we discuss each of these content strategies and how you can leverage them to increase content engagement.

Cater to the Mobile Audience 

Because most people surf the internet on their smart phones, catering to mobile users is extremely important. Try using timed content to announce new products and services, giveaways, and exclusive discounts that create a secure connection with potential customers.  

For example, using the Instagram story feature, your audience can swipe up to access your store directly. This convenience factor could persuade them to complete the purchase, so all it takes is a simple, effective story to drive mobile sales. 

Engaging Mobile Users 
  • Keep it clean and simple 
  • Integrate with social media 
  • Provide an accessible comments section  
  • Be active on popular social media platforms 
  • Plan for different devices and environments 
  • Engage with visual storytelling 
  • Allow users to share their stories 
  • Enable a painless checkout 
Inspire with New Ideas 

People always seek a new idea to embrace or an exciting activity to try. Anything that motivates your audience to think from a different perspective increases content engagement. Here’s how: 

  • Use Visual Content: Incorporating eye-catching visuals on your written content serves as a mental break from reading text and strengthens your overall message. 
  • Create Concise articles: Short articles, also called listicles, are usually presented in the form of a numbered or bullet-pointed list, made popular by sites like BuzzFeed. This kind of content is more straightforward and easier for your audience to understand, allowing them to act upon the message of your content more quickly.  
  • Repurposing old content: Refurbishing or updating articles that you may have written in the past is a great idea. These articles may still contain relevant content that can help your newer audience to learn something fresh and useful. 
Provide Updates and Relevant Ideas 

It is essential to produce content that engages people who always want to be in the know. Providing your viewers with the latest relevant ideas and updates elevates your brand into a thought-leader in your own niche. This can be done using weather updates, current events, or social issues. The following tips show how to incorporate updates to increase content engagement.  

  • Post blogs about recent industry news on your webpage. This is a great way to keep your audience active and loyal to your brand. 
  • Talk about current and popular events in your blogs, but only if you can link them to the overall source of your content.   
  • Infographics, data-packed visual images, are powerful ways to implement the newest information about topics that appeal to your viewers and increase their engagement. 

Engage viewers with updates and ideas by: 

  • Posting a blog about recent news 
  • Linking your write ups with popular events or politics 
  • Using infographics to showcase the information 
  • Posting weather updates 
  • Supporting a social issue 

Give Specific Answer to Their Questions 

Your website should always have engaging content that contains the information your audience seeks in your niche. Make sure that you create and maintain a dedicated page for the “frequently asked questions.” Always check forums and social media sites such as Quora, Twitter, and even the comments on your recent blogs. These are the sites where your prospective customers might be asking some relevant questions about your business. 

Engage Customers by: 

  • Keeping it simple 
  • Incorporating images & infographics 
  • Maintaining a page for FAQs 
  • Being active on forums and social media 

Involve Them in the Community 

People like to connect with other individuals who share their interests. Follow these tips to connect your audience to your brand’s community: 

  • Use long and short videos: Studies showed that viewers are more inclined to engage and comment on video content than blogs or social posts. 
  • Use Listicles: People who want to be involved in the community want their information to be delivered concisely. Composing an article in the form of a bulleted list can help them understand information more quickly and effectively. 

People like to connect with other individuals who share their interests.

A way to engage your audience with your content is by creating heartwarming or relaxing content. For example, a person who is fed up with their daily routine is more likely to read or watch something that cheers him/her up, such as music or animal videos. Here are formats that make your content entertaining and interesting:  

  • Sharing stories is one of the most powerful marketing tools that creates a deep connection between your brand and your audience. Stories can be shared in curated videos and anecdotes. 
  • To engage your readers, avoid using complicated terms and weighty words. The layout of your content should also be simple and divided into short paragraphs.   
  • High-quality images and short videos can be very effective when trying to evoke certain emotions in your readers.  
  • You can make your content highly entertaining by using memes. Just make sure that the text in the meme is relevant to your brand. 

Writing engaging content that showcases your brand requires a lot of planning. Take inspiration from different sources and look for opportunities to create content in advance that reacts to current events in real time. By drawing from multiple sources, you’ll keep your content fresh and audiences engaged. 

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