Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Virtual Stores

Virtual Stores are accurate 3D visual representations of flagship stores seen online. At Tulfa, we create immersive AR and VR models of in-store layouts, enable retailers display products, and much more. Customers visiting the virtual store can obtain product details, add products to shopping cart and complete their purchase.

Humanising digital shopping experiences in
the Metaverse

At Tulfa, we create online stores that exude the ambiance of flagship retail outlets. In the virtual store, shoppers can browse around, and pick merchandise from the shelves from the comforts of their homes. A 3D configurator enables them to get a feel of the products, customise the products, learn about their features, and assist them in making a confident purchase.

Customers can visit your shop in Metaverse through a mobile app or website. It goes without saying that they will pay a premium for such an immersive shopping experience.

A virtual store built and rendered in HD 3D

Discover the next level of personalization and real-time interaction with your customers with Tulfa.

Experience unparalleled visualization and engagement of the metaverse

Virtual stores are convenient and time-saving for consumers. Virtual trial rooms and the ability to see 360-degree views of the products reduce the return of products. It also expands the customer base across the world.

Customers can discover products faster, and the personalization for each user will be far greater than in physical stores.

Smart marketers use immersive marketing to attract consumers

The current generation of people are accustomed to VR. The Metaverse is a good fit for millennials and Gen Z. Up to 40% of these two groups are keen to purchase products from the virtual world. A clear indication that the opportunities for generating new revenues are immense in the Metaverse.

Beyond space and time

A 3D digital store in the Metaverse isn’t limited by real-life construction needs, space constraints, area dimensions, time of day, or location. It is easily accessible anytime from anywhere.

Fully integrated into the Metaverse eCommerce

The merchandise in the store can be tagged for online shopping, and linked to eCommerce or retail inventory systems. This enables real-time stock information, and ensures product delivery to the customer's doorstep quickly.

Advanced content capabilities

Integrate multimedia content like videos, live streams, in-store concerts, engagement with brand ambassadors, look-books and editorials.

This creates a seamless experience for your customers even if they aren't visiting your physical store.

A delightful experience

Customers will be thrilled to bond with brands that elevate their shopping experience. They will love to buy more, refer to their friends, and become loyal to your brand.

Enable ultra-premium shopping experience in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is brimming with eCommerce opportunities. It’s time you invested in building long-term loyalty and trust in your brand by impressing your customers.

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Create a luxurious virtual store in the Metaverse.

With a 24/7 online store create a powerful and engaging experience for your customers. They will be confident about making purchases.

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