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3 ways to overcome shoppers desire to touch products

3 ways to overcome shoppers desire to touch products

Online shopping is in high demand these days, outpacing traditional purchases made in stores and shops. It is estimated that online sales will beat offline retail stores in developing economies with huge potential markets, like India, within a decade.

The potential that e-commerce shops have when it comes to deep market penetration comes down to one factor – convenience. It lures customers to online retailers rather than conventional brick-and-mortar shops.

It is well-established that online buying is much easier for customers. However, online shopping has one big drawback—buyers cannot touch products!

Many shoppers like to inspect goods at conventional brick-and-mortar stores before making up their minds to buy online. This process slows down the pace of e-commerce sales and hurts online profits.

This blog specifically focuses on how to end a potential buyer’s urge to touch a product in-store before they purchase it online. Here are the most effective ways to solve this problem, increase online buying and earn higher profits.

Post an Effective Product Video

A product video tells a story about a product that a single photo cannot. Photos lack the ability to capture a product in action. A video clip aids in making a product more interactive and demonstrates its use to a customer. This instills confidence in a viewer, gives them an insight into the overall features of a product, and raises the possibility of its online purchase.

The other purposes of a product video are explaining the product usage and improving brand recognition. Defining the product usage helps showcase the rich cools and feels, whereas brand recognition is enhanced by increasing the appeal.

Use High-Quality, Compelling Photos

These key points highlight the importance of using effective product images and what should be kept in mind when posting them online

  • Photos that focus on an item’s design, size, and features provide vital answers to the questions that pop inside a buyer’s head when they seek to buy a product. Effective product images eliminate the need to further inspect a product in-store before buying online.
  • Include images that feature context-of-use. These are images that show a potential buyer how a product is used. Explainer photos that provide more detailed information on product usage are especially useful for products that include several components.
  • Show close-ups and allow zooming in and out for products with fine details, like footwear, jewelry, and apparel. For these products, potential customers want to view their designs and textures. It is important to make sure that the image remains in focus when you zoom it, as there is a risk of losing a buyer if their experience is not perfect.
  • Photos that are emotionally driven generate high online sales. This is especially true for toys, games, and fitness products. When appropriate, it is a good idea to include people or pets in these photos. For example, an image of a chew toy is more effective when it also features a dog!
  • Including photo captions wherever possible boosts online conversion. The caption below an image easily conveys product information and helps in selling the product.
  • Accurately providing detailed product dimensions is another key aspect to focus on with product photos. It gives customers a relative idea about a product’s size and appearance before they buy it.

Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a very powerful means of selling online products. This is content made by customer feedback in the form of blog posts, pictures and videos, and forums for testimonials and discussions. It is in the best interest of an online seller to encourage customers to post more reviews and content on their website. Including a gallery of customer photos is a great example of user-generated content working for the seller.

Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews are an effective way to build trust in potential buyers and encourage them to buy products at a fast pace. These reviews include answers to various product-related questions.

A system that allows for video and photo uploads of satisfied customers is a great way to increase online sales. Shopper uncertainty can be minimized by positive reviews, enabling higher conversion rates.

You can also give offers such as free shipping on the next order to customers who write customer reviews on the website for your website.

Use These Tips to Keep Your Shoppers Online!

The last thing you want is a customer to impulsively buy something in-store when your product pages could have convinced them to buy from you. Following these tips may be easier said than done, but sticking to them is proven to boost conversion rates.

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