Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Optimize your brand for digital-first commerce with a Digital Shelf

As consumers shift their online buying habits, their expectations for a delightful eCommerce shopping experience are becoming increasingly complex.

Leverage the digital shelf for eCommerce success

Catering to online purchasers is a never-ending pursuit. This is because customer behaviors evolve, and so does the workings of eCommerce. To win on the digital shelf marketers must deliver a delightful and friction-free shopping experience to their customers at all times.

Delivering omnichannel experiences is challenging

eCommerce brands collaborate with us to drive revenue

Consumers are demanding more. Retailers need to go beyond the traditional page to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

Digital shelfs are the best to attract, convert and retain customers.

Gather data quickly and accurately

The proliferation of e-commerce websites mean collection of colossal data. This makes it critical for ecommerce retailers to gather more accurate data from their suppliers.

The data gathered from suppliers must be continually updated, in order to make good business decisions.

A custom-made solution for the Digital Shelf ​

Supplier Experience Management by Tulfa is a cloud-based product data management solution designed to enrich the product information on the digital shelf. By enabling the retailers to collect and consolidate product information from suppliers,

Tulfa helps them list them on their online store. Additionally, Tulfa can also help in enriching the product information with images and videos across multiple channels for high visibility.

Tulfa provides interconnected modules, each with a distinct function

A custom-made solution for the Digital Shelf

Collecting all product listing data quickly and accurately.

Content building

Gathering high-quality content to optimize ecommerce experiences.

Outmaneuver their competition with a well-defined digital shelf to boost online sales.

Experience an increase in customer acquisition by investing in brand-building and performance marketing with Tulfa.

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Scale your product content with the optimal
solutions for e-commerce.


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