Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions

Creating rich, optimised, and complex 3D assets for the Metaverse by combining 3D scanning, photogrammetry, 3D configuration, AR, and VR is our forte. An universe of products like home appliances, vehicles, electronic goods, large machines, works of art, and other items can be digitally recreated in 3D with life-like, stunning detail through our augmented and virtual reality technology Services.

Showcase your products with
an incredible realism

From 360-degree imagery and videos to photorealistic 3D assets, and 3D animation, we are your one-stop source.

Our expertise in handling textures enriches the believability of the 3D model, and creates an engaging experience.

With 'Try Before You Buy' feature customers can experience your product’s features in an interactive manner.

Empower your products with creative thinking

Promoting products in today’s cluttered world calls for innovative thinking. Herein lies a big challenge. Many products available in the market are either too big to take to conferences, too complex to explain simply, or have too many options to choose from.

Digital versions of these products help customers make informed decisions while shopping.

Amplified engagement to improve product understanding

With the assistance of AR, companies provide an immersive experience of their products.

Our end-to-end solution includes everything from design and development to deployment and management of the 3D models.

Get ahead of the competition by increasing sales

The most effective way to build a better brand engagement is to present your products in full high-resolution 3D. By creating immersive experiences for your customers, you are assured of an increased ROI.

Augmented Reality (AR) unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for eCommerce businesses. It empowers users to experience and engage with products in an immersive manner. eCommerce businesses can build a deeper connection with customers and boost revenue by capturing their attention.

A revolutionary tool that boosts your brand value

Augmented Reality (AR) enables consumers to virtually try on their favorite articles of clothing, shoes, cosmetics and other accessories at home.Enabled by this technology, consumers are spending money on buying items online. They even customize their products and get it delivered to their home!

Get cutting-edge capabilities, seamless user experience (UX), and end-to-end integration with custom AR product configuration solutions from Tulfa. AR allows product visualizations in real-world settings, thus raising consumer journeys to the next level.

Here are some innovative
ways to use AR:

Augmented Reality Shopping

Create an immersive "try-before-you-buy" digital experience for customers. Let them preview how products will appear in their environment and purchase them confidently. This will reduce the return rates on online purchases immensely.

AR has reinvented the shopping experience by making it personalized, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Augmented Reality Animation

Augmented reality animation blends real world with the virtual world. This creates a seamless user experience. You can be in the real world, but see animated creatures, be in a virtual environment, or have a mixture of the two. Your eyes won't be able to differentiate between real objects and virtual objects.

Customers can interact with interactive features using their phones, tablets, or by using a headset. Using your smartphone, you can control computer-generated items in 3D space.

Augmented Reality Product Configurator

With the advent of Augmented Reality, the product configurator has gained a lot of attention. It is being used by companies to showcase their products to their customers remotely.

Customize products, define the order in which customers view them, demonstrate products to your users and help make their purchase. The possibilities of Augmented Reality Product Configurator are endless!

Experience dynamic, interactive and realistic visualization of AR

Showcase your products in the most accurate way possible. Let customers can see the products in their actual size, in different colors and with all the details.

Ensure their final purchase decision to grow your ROI.

Crafting realistic AR/VR assets for your business.

Amplify your creative assets with stunning 3D content that will elevate your presence in the Metaverse.

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We create retail AR experiences that make shopping more interactive, and strengthens the bond between customers and brands.

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Scale your product content with the optimal
solutions for e-commerce.


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