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Meet Our Team

Tulfa has a set of extraordinary people with a distinguished vision and determination, making them the best in the industry.

Our people are our greatest strength.

In the ever-changing dynamic of the business world, our people are our greatest strength and assets who keep us going. Tulfa dedicates the tremendous growth and progress it has experienced in just four years to its people's dedication and constant efforts. We encourage our people to adopt an ownership mindset and to work towards our joint success.

We have the best-suited team to lead us to achieve our goals and are always on the lookout to include new talent and perspectives. People form the building blocks of every company, and Tulfa is rock solid only because of its people.

Our Leadership.

Loukeek Bornare

Chief Executive Officer

Sonali Bagrecha

Chief Operating Officer

Sunit Gala

Advisor to Board

Pooja Nikam

Director of Post-Production

Vallen Gillett

Director of Photography

Carlos Chinen

Art Director

Monica Sheikhy

Director - Brand Partnerships

Aude Augias

Director - Brand Partnerships and Retail Alliances

Parinaz Aga

Director - Retail / Brand Alliances (MENA and ASIA)

Katherin Luna

Employee Experience Director

Sean Sayers

Director - Customer Success

Marcial Tapia

Web Developer & IT Support

It’s not just work, it’s culture.

Tulfa is different by design. Our culture is not just a list of values but a lifestyle. We treat every client like family, every project like a personal matter. Deadlines are more than just dates—they're promises we never break. Our clients demand the highest quality content, and we couldn't agree more.

Keep Up to Date.

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