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6 Mistakes in product description for e-commerce that can land you in trouble

6 Mistakes in product description for e-commerce that can land you in trouble

6 Mistakes in product description for e-commerce that can land you in trouble 

Demerits of wrong product description 

  • Negatively affect sales online 
  • Cost you monetarily 
  • Can create a wrong impression on the customer 

Did anyone tell you how much a wrong product description can cost you? A wrong product description does not generally mean that you are making mistakes in the product description. It means that you lack something which needs to be tweaked to encourage sales and traffic drastically.   

Sometimes, the retailers make an effort to describe their products exceptionally, which can lead to immediate conversion. And this is where you go wrong! We know we have always talked about how important it is to attract, create curiosity, and surprise your customers. But, what is the point of all this when ultimately, the customer purchases a false impression of the product?   

In this blog, we will let you know some mistakes in the product description for e-commerce that most of the retailers ignore, but it can cost them a good amount.   

Spelling mistakes: A big turn off point 

You know the world is full of people who cannot differentiate between there, their, and they’re. And you, certainly, don’t have to contribute your part to this! Product description for e-commerce can fall under the trap of negligence, auto-correct, and grammar nazis. Remember, all these factors have destroyed friendships, so you should not let them do this to your business.   

Too many errors are easily noticed by the customer, and they start doubting the relevance of your brand.

Would you love it if someone questioned you for not writing a product description for your own products? You know the answer. If you write a product description for e-commerce that does not really indicate about you knowing your product, it will always sound underconfident and customers will prefer to buy a product whose description speaks firmly. Spelling is the most basic thing you must know before writing a product description for e-commerce.   

A shopper gets very disappointed with spelling mistakes in the product description, especially about its features. Because it makes them go back and google in order to understand.   

Avoid thin content strategies 

Many stores believe that providing a professional product image is enough, and they believe in setting up accurate visual aids instead of spending time on the product description for e-commerce.   

It could be wrong practice because product descriptions bring a whole lot of difference. By using a thin content strategy, you are missing out on an opportunity to let Google identify you. The Google bot crawls through the content and ranks the page accordingly. Even the simplest products deserve to be presented with compelling product descriptions for e-commerce conversions.   

The product description for e-commerce presented in the above picture narrates a totally different story about the retailer. It shows you are ready to provide all the necessary details to the customer very clearly. 

Product description for e-commerce will drive the buyer to make a purchase. Also, the scarcity of content prevents the page from ranking on Google for a particular keyword.  

Say no to default product descriptions from the manufacturer 

This could be easy, but it will also lead to plagiarism and low ranks. And, it is not a wrong practice, but it does not set you apart from other retailers because they also love to take shortcuts. You have to do something new that Google identifies as unique.   

These mistakes in the product description are next to invisible because using the manufacturer’s description has become a practice nowadays. But, if your aim is to get good ranks on Google, then it is important to invest in the writing product description for e-commerce.   

If you notice the picture above, it has the product description provided by the manufacturer, which again seems to be plagiarised because it is repeated on several platforms.

If you can rewrite the same description and optimize it with keywords, it will ultimately help you in getting identified as a unique page on Google. These mistakes in the product description for e-commerce should be avoided.   

Take special care for SEO and spend time on keyword research 

80% of search traffic comes through Google search and the creation of backlinks. Also, you must know that backlinks will be useful when your content is optimized, and only then will the backlink also show up through the search engine. Find keywords that customers will look for and add them to your content while writing product descriptions for e-commerce. Thankfully, there are stats and data available about the keyword online, and you can use them to create optimized content for your product page. 

Simple keyword research will give you a lot of ideas. With a single keyword, you can create several other keywords that are possibly searched by the entire domain of customers.   

How to do keyword research to write product description for e-commerce?  

Let us start with an example!  

  • While looking for calculators, what are the possible things a customer can search?   
  • Calculators for student  
  • Advanced calculator for college student  
  • Long-lasting calculator   
  • Calculator for advanced studies  
  • Portable calculator 
The above image shows major points to be noted while doing keyword research for your website’s content.

These search keywords reflect some factors that a customer keeps in mind while looking for calculators. The factors are:   

  • Academic level of the student  
  • Quality of the calculator  
  • Durability of the device  
  • Weight and size of the calculator (How portable is it?)   

By looking into these factors, you can create an amazing product description for e-commerce. This will directly target the customers who are looking for specific features in the calculator.   

You can do the research for other products and avoid making mistakes in product descriptions related to SEO and keywords.   

Bonus tip: Avoid using too many keywords in your product description for e-commerce because that will reduce the quality of the content. It takes time to optimize your product description, but it is really easy to over-optimize it. Don’t make that mistake!   

Keep the audience hooked 

Even if you get thousands of targeted audiences every day, it is equal to zero if they bounce back within seconds. Now, the only thing that can keep them hooked is your content. Without wasting any time, let us show you a perfect example! 

Presenting your product description with a motive to keep your audience hooked needs a lot of research and time.

  “Metallic bar handle with a designer look. Made of finely sourced material and comes with silver polishing. Has a shiny look and long-lasting quality.”  

The same content mentioned above can be written as  

“Are you tired of replacing your handlebars on the cabinet? If the answer is yes, you can bring home this metallic handlebar with a stunning designer look. It enhances the look of your living room because of the shiny silver polishing. Only the finest materials are sourced for its making, and the product is made to last with you for a long period of time.”  

Tell us honestly, which one was more exciting and confident? You have to draw the attention of readers to your product description and make it more organized for the customer to read. Do not get confused between product descriptions for e-commerce and key features.   

A good product description should: 

  • Target the right audience 
  • Keep the audience engaged 
  • Explain the product 
  • Tell about uses and importance of product 

Connect with your customer 

Sometimes, you spend a lot of money on writing the product description and marketing for e-commerce! But, somehow, you are not able to get the expected outcome. This could be because of mistakes in the product description that leads to non-relatable feeling.   

Since every product solves some or the other problem, you must explain the problem first and then mention how your product is a solution.   

There are a number of ways to make connection with your customer and you must keep all the points in mind.

Let us take a look at another solid example! 

“Non-corrosive layer on cabinet knobs prevent it from rusting in humid environments.” 


“This knob is versatile for any environment because it does not get rusted easily. You don’t have to get another set of knobs for bathroom because it is coated with non-corrosive layer that remains intact for a longer period.” 

In this example, you can notice that first product description solely focuses on promotion of the product and its features, which is fair enough! But, the second one is actually that persuades the customer to understand the importance of this product.  

By explaining them about the problem of rust and telling them about rust free feature of the knob, you are giving them more scope and reasons to trust you. And by picking up the point to that says about getting another set of knobs, you have mentioned a very genuine and practical situation. It is like presenting the dilemma of a customer along with its solution.  

After understanding the mistakes in product description, it is quite prominent to know the factors you need to focus on 

By doing proper research on writing product descriptions, you are writing better product descriptions for e-commerce and giving the customers a solid reason to trust you! These little tweaks will help you in getting loyal customers. Such key points result in maximum word-of-mouth referrals, and that is how your business slowly grows!  

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