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9 Reasons to Use Professional Product Photography Services on Your Website

9 Reasons to Use Professional Product Photography Services on Your Website

Shopping in crowded malls to shopping in your cozy pyjamas at home, the shopping experience has come a long way. Till a decade back, online shopping couldn’t compete with the in-store shopping experience. Prominently due to bad consumer experience, low-quality visuals from product photography services, and customers inability to judge products correctly online.

Times have changed, online shopping has overshadowed in-store shopping by leaps and bounds. The pandemic accelerated the world’s shift to a digital era, where virtual is the reality. Professional product photography services, rich media capabilities like 360-degree images and video content have transformed ecommerce into a visuals-first landscape.

This upgrade in technology allows shoppers to experience products with the same caliber of visual detail on a website as in a physical store.

Booming online retail sales with a projection to hit $6.5 trillion worldwide, by 2023. It is time for you to enhance your website with realistic, engaging, and exciting product photography, with Tulfa’s high-end product photography services.

9 reasons how Product Photography can pave your way to success in this ecommerce race:

  1. Satisfy customers’ expectations

The new-age customers come with a new set of expectations that brands have to meet. They want detail-orientated product images, an in-store online experience to make well-informed decisions.

Lack or low-quality visuals are a deal-breaker for many shoppers. 93% of customers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.

Satisfying customers is the topmost priority of every brand and retailer. Effective product images can help you retain customers, increase sales and revenue.

Tulfa has mastered the art of product photography and can navigate your way to increased customer satisfaction with our in-house product photography services.

  1. High quality images are key to building trust

High-quality, professional images instantly help win customers’ trust. Detail-orientated images, with clear and in-focus detail of the product, help customers make better decisions along with making them sure that your product is the right fit for them.

A study backs up, that customers trust brands with high-quality images compared to brands with low-quality images.

Build trust and win your customers’ confidence, with Tulfa’s professional services.

  1. Create interactive experience through images

Product photography services assist in creating website features like interactive images.

Research shows that spinning or zooming in on product images helps increase customers’ understanding of the product. Interactive images create an in-store shopping experience for customers, with highly realistic images and features

360-degree photography features facilitate seamless “spin,” “zoom,” or “rotate” on products in high definition to see every detail. This level of interaction increases customer engagement and visual information, positively affecting buying intent.

  1. Lifestyle Photography for greater impact

Stumbling upon a pair shown on a model playing basketball, while shopping online? – the realistic lifestyle photo catches your eye. Then you view a 360-degree rotating image of the sneakers, zoom in on the shoe details, and decide to add them to your shopping cart.

Product photos and lifestyle shots complement each other and enhance the impact they create individually. Lifestyle shots can be extra persuasive in the customer journey because they tell a story and have an emotional pull, instead of a set of shoes placed on a white background.

  1. Save time and money with Professional Photography

Hiring a professional to create dynamic photographs of your products for your website saves your business time and allows you to use your resources more efficiently.

Professionals like at Tulfa, handle all processes including shooting, quality control, post-production, and editing. Our professional team revolves around precision and high-end quality to give you what we promised!

  1. Professional Product Photography Is Highly Scalable

Professional photography studios help you ideate, create concepts and keep in mind the volume of photographs you need.

Retailers and brands, which carry thousands of products, require multiple images of every single product for their websites. The process can be daunting but hiring professionals can ease your job.

A professional photography studio can help you specialize and manage different site categories.

  1. Reduction in returns with high quality images

Customer satisfaction is tied to the initial sense of trust when purchasing a product online: customers want the visuals they see to be fully representative of the product they receive.

Low-quality visuals often do not portray the product correctly, resulting in an increased number of returns. Ecommerce returns can be extremely costly for your business – Return delivery costs were $550 billion in 2020, in the USA alone.

22 % of online product returns happen because the image didn’t look like what arrived in the mail. High-quality images can save your business from this trouble.

Offering 360-degree spinning images is more effective than offering still images.

  1. Boost Conversions with Professional Product Photography

Catching the customer’s eye right away is of utmost importance to succeed in ecommerce. The fastest way to do this is to create an emotive impact through visuals and create an emotional reason for spending money on a certain item.
Professional product photography shows that your product will provide a fantastic user experience for the customers. Appealing to the consumers’ emotions will keep your engagement levels high and help you improve conversion rates as well.

A case study conducted by A/B testing giant VWO concluded that simple things like changing the resolution of images can improve conversion rates. The store understudy, saw a 9% jump in sales over a month, simply by enlarging product images.

Professional product photography not only makes your product images attractive but also helps with consistent style across your site, lighting, positioning, etc.

  1. Increase Customer Loyalty with Accurate Images

Customers are cautious of unreliable information on the internet. Once a purchase meets their expectations, they’ll be more likely to stick with your site in the future.

According to a report, 30% of consumers say they would rather buy from a website they’ve bought from previously.

Professional product photography can make the difference between a one-time purchase and a repeat customer.

Product photography, the right investment for your brand?

It is an investment for a first-rate online experience.

High-quality, interactive, and lifestyle images are becoming the online norm. Non-professional visuals will make your website stand out but in a bad way.

Today, professional product photography drives trust, engagement, and conversions in a highly competitive market, with both repeat customers. In an ever-growing ecommerce business, product photography offered by Tulfa is your best investment.

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