Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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A.I.-Powered Apps That Boost Website Conversions

A.I.-Powered Apps That Boost Website Conversions

A.I.-powered apps are changing the way business is done online. The best part of smart technology is that it is more accurate and less prone to common mistakes from human error. However, with artificial intelligence, this process is increasingly becoming more optimized and efficient. 

 Perks of A.I-Powered Apps: 

  • Accurate 
  • Efficient 
  • Fewer Mistakes 
  • Effective 
  • Optimized 
  • Save Time and Effort 

What exactly is artificial intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence is the process of machines learning to complete human tasksThese machines are highly adaptable, a crucial feature in the ever-changing business domain. This adaptability makes it highly useful for growing sales and effectively penetrating new consumer markets. 

The role of A.I. in optimizing online businesses 

When we talk about online businesses, A.I.-powered apps prove to be highly effective in imparting a greater personalized experience to users and increasing the rate of conversion. 

 Role of A.I.: 

  • Communicates more effectively to users 
  • Increases rate of conversion 
  • Keeps content user-related 
  • Imparts personalized user-experience 

Artificial intelligence provides a competitive edge to online sellers. Industry-leading ecommerce portals integrate their websites with several third-party apps that use A.I. Businesses using these A.I.-powered apps benefit significantly by facilitating the merchants to invest less amounts of time, money, and energy and turn higher profits.

This post suggests several types of third-party, A.I.-powered applications used by various leading ecommerce shops. These A.I. apps for personalization and higher conversion have greatly assisted leading online businesses in generating higher sales.

Different A.I. powered apps to optimize your online business 

Here is the list of A.I.-powered apps to enhance the performance of your e-store. 

This app enhances the performance of advertisements based on parameters such as product catalog, target audiences, quality of advertisement, allocation of budget, and seasonality. It works closely in association with top advertisement platforms, like Google, and predicts the performance of different items on the basis of their site behavior. 


  • Corrects mistakes 
  • Finds similar terms 
  • Conducts real-time website searches 

This A.I.-powered app lets your website search in real-time as the user enters products in the search box. This application also uses the power of A.I. to correct mistakes in typing, find similar terms, and carry on with fuzzy searches that are not exact but generate relevant search results. It comes with a sophisticated dashboard that uses A.I.powered analytics to understand the intent of a user’s search and displays the updated content accordingly. 


  • Targets potential users 
  • Understands shopping behaviors 
  • Boosts conversion rate 

Personali is an A.I.-powered app that is dedicated to personalizing a user’s shopping experience. It utilizes the power of A.I. to target potential customers and understand their shopping behaviors, using this data to ultimately boost the conversion rate. This is done by offering specific, individualized incentives, which entices customers to make more purchases. The app offers ample professional services for its easy integration and management. 


  • A.I.-based email marketing service 
  • Customizes emails for users based on their online activity. 

This app provides an artificial intelligence-based email marketing service that is used to compute data from an online store. This is done by tracking a user’s activity on the website and sending them a tailor-made email sequence. This A.I app includes different kinds of email templates to help an e-seller get started. 


  • Recommends similar products 
  • Low cost 

This A.I.-powered app recommends products for exposure on any website page. The price of using this service is 5 percent of sales driven with this app. 


  • Responds to customer’s voice commands 
  • Efficiently finds solutions for customer and order queries 
  • Makes the shopping experience easy 

This A.I. app responds to customer voice commands tassist them at any point during the shopping process. It is highly efficient in answering customer queries, placing orders, and finding the most appropriate products and services for them. This app also offers a paid technical support service on a monthly basis. 

Choice AI: 

  • Personalizes page content 
  • Helps with product display and banners 
  • Works on mobile phones and PC  

This A.I.-powered app personalizes product displays, banners, and page content. It works on both PC and mobile phones without any need for coding. One of its best offerings is that it provides its services free of cost for online stores that have fewer than 500 users a month. Thus, it’s the best choice for budding e-businesses. 


  • Assists buyers throughout the purchase 
  • Provides personalized recommendations 
  • Features an effective voice-powered assistant 

This is an A.I.-powered personal shopping assistant that aids consumers throughout the process of buying. It is very efficient in suggesting personalized recommendations for items, as well as providing a voice-powered assistant that provides effective responses to customer queries. This A.I.-powered app effectively aids in increasing sales. 

Valkyrie AI: 

  • Monitors multiple channels 
  • Automizes inventory, orders, and shipping 
  • Provides an email support system 

This is a multiplechannel, shipping and inventorymonitoring, A.I.-powered software for online merchants. Using this A.I. app, sellers fully automatize and line up management of inventory, orders, shipping, and other background processes. This A.I.-powered app also provides an email support system for queries related to purchases. 


  • Communicates with users automatically throughout the purchase process 
  • Notifies users 
  • Uses conversational marketing  

This smart app utilizes artificial intelligence for conversational marketing. The specialty of Chatkit is that it establishes an automatic communication with the shoppers throughout the process of their purchasing journey by sending them welcome messages, useful product recommendations, and abandoned cart notificationsThese steps are taken at their appropriate times. 

Retention Science Cortex: 

  • Offers intelligent marketing services 
  • Auto-corrects subject and email body structures 

This A.I.-powered application offers intelligent marketing services. It auto-corrects subject and email body structures that terminate the requirement of manual A/B testing. Other useful A.I.-driven features include lifetime value, incentive optimization, price sensitivity, and more. 

Personalization Inc.: 

  • Real-time personalization service 
  • Features an email support system 

This is another effective A.I.-based software. It offers a real-time personalization service for item suggestions based on what your users have viewed and bought. This personalization service can be enabled for both emails as well as webpages. This A.I. app also offers an email support system. 


  • Creates marketing campaigns 
  • Helps in cart abandonment 

This A.I-powered software creates marketing campaigns with respect to personalized emails. This includes cart abandonment, segmentation, and more. 

Where to find these performance enhancing smart apps 

These A.I.-powered apps are available on online marketplaces and app stores across the internet. These prominently include BigCommerceMagento, and the app store platform provided by 

Get Started! 

It is highly recommended to use these A.I.-powered apps to personalize your customer shopping experience. Use them to optimize the performance of your shopping site and boost conversion rates and profits for your online business. 

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