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Amazon 360-degree Photography: Interactive Product Experience

Amazon 360-degree Photography: Interactive Product Experience

With advancing sales and increasing popularity, Amazon has become one of the most successful eCommerce retailers globally. In 2021 only, the total value of goods the company and its third-party marketplace sellers sold increased 18.8% to $378.95 billion from $319.10 billion in 2020. Amazon could do so because it focused on building the best user-friendly customer experience.

Today, Amazon has become the ultimate eCommerce shopping center, with 54% of shoppers starting on Amazon and 40% purchasing at least one item a month. 360-degree product photography helps brands and retailers to improve the mobile experience and significantly increases sales figures and engagement rates.

Amazon got introduced to the concept of Amazon 360-degree product imagery in 2018. Encouraging results led to expanding a 60-day pilot program to a standard feature for all sellers. After seeing higher conversion rates during the pilot program, Amazon expanded 360-degree product photography capabilities to many product categories.

Amazon User Interface

Importance of 360 Degree Imagery in eCommerce

Enriching Mobile Experiences

360-degree imagery is an excellent way of optimizing screen real estate, allowing customers to feel the real-life shopping experience at their fingertips. The ability to move products on your screen and view them at your discretion entirely while looking out for minute details that you want in your product is as close as we can take virtual shopping to in-store shopping. The mindless scrolling through products with unattractive product images is now a thing of the past. As of Feb 2022, 57.38% of all internet traffic came through mobile phones.

Apart from 360-degree imagery, 360-degree informational videos are an excellent alternative for helping customers access valuable product content, making purchase decisions easier. 360-degree imagery sometimes fails to provide an all-angle view of products, making them less effective. A 360-degree spin video provides superior product information while being more cost-effective and efficient.

Different Angles of a Product
Recognition in Visual Searches

The eCommerce giant Amazon recognized the lack of visual browsing capabilities. So, they added a “Scout Search” browsing feature to allow shoppers to give products ratings with a thumb up or thumbs down. If shoppers give it a thumb up, it will load similar products — allowing people to browse with only photographs.

High-quality imagery is essential for visual search platforms to recognize your products. You also require proper names to match your visual search platform with high-end images. Adding 360-degree and interactive photography can help overcome the technology gap quicker.

Boost Sales & Conversion Rates

Amazon 360-degree imagery is an influential and effective tool that has driven conversion rates and increased top-line sales. Creating immersive and engaging customer experiences to retain customers and turn profitable while staying one step ahead of your competitors is a must. Many first-movers have already taken advantage of 360-degree photography and seen the tool’s effectiveness.

Boosting customer confidence, 360-degree features are a win amongst the customers. The technology will soon become an industry standard: increasing conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty, the most critical asset in the eCommerce world.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Creating consistent brand experiences for customers helps retain them and maintain an edge over the competition. Brands should convey their product stories to develop trust and loyalty with more consistent content creation. Brands can connect more effectively with their customers to ensure their products use the highest quality product imagery possible.

Ease the Process with Tulfa

Ship Products to Tulfa’s Studio

Before the project begins, Tulfa’s team will discuss the shipment dates and your specific needs and direction for the shoot. Upon receiving the products, our team will check for packaging flaws or other factors that could interfere later with the photography. We offer additional services during our check-in processes, such as product weights and dimensions.

Product Photography

Tulfa’s professional photographers use high-end technology to capture your product from all angles to use with Amazon 360-degree tool. All products are photographed as a spinset in a single row with 24 images per row. We provide detail-oriented, high-definition photos using the latest studio setups.

Product viewer
Client Approval

Once quality control specialists inspect and approve the images, we await our clients’ reviews and feedback to ensure that we have met their needs and expectations. Our post-production team sends approved photos for image retouching and more services to perfect the outcome.

File Naming

To successfully upload product content to Amazon 360-degree viewer, a unique and specific naming convention must be followed for a seamless experience. Final files from Tulfa will be delivered to Amazon with all specifications and standards met.

Sending Spin Files to Amazon

Tulfa ships your .zip file to the Amazon Vendor portal. You can also rename and transfer the old product photos from Tulfa to clients interested in deploying them to Amazon.

360-degree product viewer
Essential to Monitor the Growth

Vendors cannot track the exact number or percentages in sales lift or conversion rates associated with Amazon sales. Third-party tools can help but are relatively expensive and do not provide accurate results. Vendors need to find affordable alternatives to monitor performance once they spin in live.

There are a few measures you can take:
  1. Look at overall sales numbers and conversion rates and monitor the increase or decrease since the launch of your 360-degree spin.
  2. Tracking your product rankings and comparing the before and after results.
  3. A massive win for you if your product becomes a #1 best seller in its category.

If you aren’t doing anything to enhance your product content, you won’t improve your products rankings, negatively affecting your Amazon sales. Revamp your content by adopting new technologies and features to enhance customer experiences.

Amazon 360-degree
Effortless Execution with Tulfa

360-degree imagery needs high-end images and specified standards to get successful results for your business. As massive as the results it provides, the process is equally complicated. With numerous specifications to meet while being consistent with quality content can be challenging for several brands and retailers.

Tulfa’s solutions ensure an effortless and seamless experience for its clients. Our specialized services combined with professionalism, high-end quality, and efficiency guarantee effective results. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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