Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Augmented Home Décor Experience with Ashley Furniture

Augmented Home Décor Experience with Ashley Furniture

Knowing the value of a robust brand and a trusted consumer experience is very important. Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc is a company that has always succeeded in following these core values. Ashley Furniture is your one-stop shop to design, build, sell and deliver trend-right products for homes around the world.  

Augmented Home Décor Experience with Ashley Furniture

In the recent light of events, Ashley’s e-retail company and Ashley Global Retail has partnered with Verizon Media on an augmented reality advertising campaign. AR boosts engagement and interaction and provides a richer user experience. The new augmented reality tool lets users display virtual products into their own home displaying a variety of home décor and accessories. 

Nick Lezin, VP of Marketing, Ashley Global Retail stated: “One of the key challenges when shopping for furniture both online and in-store is visualizing the size/scale of each piece within the home. We see great potential for AR ads to both delight consumers and improve the overall shopping experience by virtually bringing our products into their homes before purchase,”  said

Augmented Home Décor Experience with Ashley Furniture

 User Growth in AR 

Technology has transformed shopping in ways we cannot imagine. According to a survey, adults spend around 3 hours, 35 minutes on mobile phones. The survey also highlighted that the usage of mobile phones is predicted to surpass television viewership by next year. 

Augmented Home Décor Experience with Ashley Furniture

 Living in a digital era; it is essential to stay updated with the current trends. Studies show that Nearly 75% of consumers already expect retailers to offer an immersive experience.

Adding AR/VR to Your Business 

AR is considered one of the best tools for upselling any e-commerce platform. Brands ranging from automotive to retail have jumped on board to offer high-quality, interactive 3D experiences to their audience. Augmented reality helps you connect with your consumers in engaging and authentic ways, providing a new kind of enhanced utility and ultimately driving brand love. In these trying times, it is very important to find more optimum, affordable, and convenient ways to adapt to the trend-setting digital revolutions. Now is your chance to collaborate with Tulfa. Shoot us an email or reach out to us on social media. It’s the right time to get back into the game and grow together.

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