Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Augmented Reality and the Future of Furniture Business

Augmented Reality and the Future of Furniture Business

E-commerce is growing exponentially, yet it is only in its infancy. The driving force behind any significant transformation of any given sector has been technological innovations. The internet is currently in the beginning stages of one such transformation. In this case, the driving force is Virtual Reality (VR). According to leading IT experts, VR and AR technologies are going to be “the next big thing,” and it will revolutionize the way consumers interact with businesses, bringing shoppers and products closer together than ever before.  

Time to make way for the new 

The furniture industry is one that has been operating in the static setting of brick-and-mortar stores for a long time. With the advent of the internet, many other industries have found their way to the virtual world but furniture is one that has lagged behind. The question is why? One explanation may be that standard furniture e-commerce platforms do not provide customers with the opportunity of examining the product in its maximum form.  

Lack of proximity to the end users due to the high cost of shipping of goods from the manufacturer to the local market makes it difficult for the seller to ensure accurate translation of the product features. In addition to this, it is difficult for the seller to make sufficient contact with the end users to engage with them and gain enough feedback to create a marketable story around the product. 

The application of AR in the furniture industry 

The revolutionary technology of Augmented Reality, also known as AR, will determine how the furniture industry will look in the future. With the help of AR, users will not only be able to inspect your furniture from every angle, but they will also have the power to see how your furniture can fit into their homes and offices. Currently, industry-leading Augmented Reality applications are being used by the paint industry to help customers visualize the improvements that can be made with certain paint jobs, among other things. 

Augmented Reality benefits for furniture business 

1: Minimize the probability of selling errors 

The furniture business is all about sales, they will be in a better position to provide the best customer experience if they can minimize the probability of selling errors. With the help of AR, both customers and sellers can visualize how the furniture will look like in the real world. This visualization allows them to interact with the furniture, thus reducing errors. 

2: Showcasing a wide range of furniture products in a new way 

Furniture stores use AR to allow customers a better shopping experience by allowing them to view furniture in their own environment using their smartphones. 2D and 3D images are greatly reduced in favor of a more innovative and interactive approach to furniture shopping. This allows customers to feel as though they had already purchased the furniture and have it in their home, in the case of AR. 

AR allows your customers a first-person experience of the variety of your portfolio in its entirety, even from their smartphones. It completely does away with monetary and logistical hassles of making your warehouse presentable for the customers. 

Build an enriching relationship with customers 

With our augmented reality technology, your customers can experience the visual of products in the context of their homes or offices and can get a better perspective of how it will look like when it is placed in the desired location. We can say with confidence that our AR technology will help your customers find the perfect item for their requirements. 

AR has a huge potential for shaping and creating a personalized experience for online shoppers. It will allow them to choose and buy the best furniture for their needs. 

The difference between AR and conventional shopping is immense. With a simple click of a button, you can place your couch in your living room and see how it fits with your other furniture, or how your dining table looks in your dining area. 

Deliver limitless possibilities with Tulfa 

The world of visuals and imagery is extraordinarily vast and complex. We believe, it is the most effective method to connect with customers and advance your business. Tulfa stands out as a content agency that creates masterpieces in augmented reality space. We prioritize quality and provide affordable, high-end services at our clients’ convenience.  

At Tulfa, we create immersive experiences capturing rich, vivid colors and details that mesmerise your eyes. Our clients need high-quality imageries and powerful graphics to stand out from the clutter. Using the computing power of our employees’ minds, we deliver the most interactive augmented reality experience to our large number of clients. 

Excited about AR as we are? Contact Tulfa for more information on how our expertise in AR services can boost your online furniture business. 

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