Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Augmented Reality Is the Future of Ecommerce

Augmented Reality Is the Future of Ecommerce

Out of every emerging technology, nothing changes the marketing game like CGI. Using this cutting-edge software, companies can create life-like, stunning 3D product models to scale, completely replacing the need for traditional product photography. However, as much of an asset as 3D models are to brand content, they open the door to an untapped, but highly lucrative tool: augmented reality.

According to Shopify, using CGI or augmented reality on your website has been shown to increase conversions by over 100% and reduce returns by up to 40%. Incorporating augmented reality into your website is hugely beneficial, and there are several AR-specialized platforms you can use to do it.

One great platform is Seek. According to Bernie Kropfelder, CEO of successful online company Squatty Potty, working with Seek saved his business weeks of processing time and thousands of dollars. After launching Seek’s AR software, the Squatty Potty website received a significant increase in sales conversions.

Retailers need all the help they can get right now, and AR is their potential secret weapon. One of a seller’s top priorities, if not its number one, is supplying customer demand. It is important to keep websites and product pages constantly updated with new content. 3D models, like the one we created above, are hugely beneficial to sellers due to their fast production rate and low cost, much more inexpensive than using studio space, equipment, photographers, and production software to produce inferior, standard product images.

At least 42 percent of online returns are attributed to products not looking as expected.

One of the biggest challenges sellers face in the digital age is the spreading of misinformation. Many product listings on marketplaces like Amazon do a great job of giving shoppers everything they need to know to make a purchase. In reality, the vast majority do not. On top of saturating the market, a staggering amount of product listings are untrustworthy due to a lack of information, product imagery, or other forms of communication on the seller’s part. When customers do purchase these products, many return them because of these very reasons. Returns not only lower your conversions and cost you more money to restock, but they break customer trust in your brand.

Luckily, CGI and AR provide an accessible, quick, and inexpensive solution to this problem. By importing pre-created, custom 3D models, sellers can create exciting customer experiences that shoppers interact with using their smart phones or PCs, from any location. Instead of wondering what products look like in person, customers can now “try” them out by viewing them virtually in their own home. This helps reduce product returns and unsatisfied customers whose expectations were not met. While still in its infancy, AR is quickly gaining momentum as sellers see the potential of this cutting-edge technology. The world’s most successful brands have already started integrating AR into their digital strategy, and it’s time for your business to join them and get ahead of the competition. Augmented reality is accessible and applicable, and platforms like Seek are ready to help transform your website for the future of ecommerce.

Even with a trusted platform to add AR to your website, you still need CGI models of your products. We’ve got a solution for that, too. As a one-stop shop for product CGI, photography, data, and enhanced brand content services, Tulfa takes away the hassle of creativity. Reach out to us anytime through our website or social media.

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