Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Augmented Reality: Revenue Generating Technology

Augmented Reality: Revenue Generating Technology

Augmented Reality: Revenue Generating Technology

Buying furniture to create your dream home is a tedious task. With several factors to consider and countless options to choose from, it is a difficult task to turn your house into a place you can call home. Going store to store, getting frustrated because imaging how a product would look in your space is a tiring task. There was a time when in-store shopping experiences were better than online shopping, but with augmented reality online shopping experiences are way superior now.

Choosing an ideal piece of furniture with augmented reality technology is a piece of cake for customers. AR empowers shoppers to buy their desired product with complete confidence. 

Top reasons why AR has boosted online sales 

Countless brands are striving to provide an immersive experience to their users. From augmented reality try-ons to visualizations, AR is seen in every product category ranging from fashion retail, virtual make-up, footwear, automobiles, furniture and so on.  

Here are a few reasons that demonstrate how augmented reality has boosted online sales: 


AR assists users to make better buying decisions. The biggest hurdle that users face during online shopping is, the inability to judge how the actual product will suit their needs. 

Augmented reality gives online shoppers, a see-it-in-your-room experience. Users can simply point their phone or tablet to the real-life surroundings and place the AR object and see how it fits in your room. Working on contactless shopping is the need of the hour. Furniture brands are trying to eliminate the guesswork amongst the users that leads to shopping indecisions. 

Augmented reality equips customers with better decision-making while giving them clarity about the product they are purchasing, reducing the need for returns, thus saving sellers enormous shipping costs.


 AR negates the need of breaking out the measuring tape to understand the dimensions of the furniture item. You simply have to point your mobile phone or tablet in the direction where you want to install the furniture item.

Your device then acts as a measuring device placing the immersive object in the given space. This can save a lot of time and help the users reach a firm decision on buying that item. 


Time is of the essence, customers want to make quick, satisfactory decisions about the products they want to purchase.

Having no physical constraints such as crowded malls, limited spaces, etc. users can easily navigate through all the available AR products without any hesitation. In addition to that, giving an immersive experience is a big step taken by the brands which users like to recall from time to time. 

Go Digital!

Convenience, scalability and a simplified experience are the essence of augmented reality. Shopping experiences tend to be more enjoyable when they are hassle-free and convenient for customers. Augmented reality provides immersive, authentic and innovative experiences tailored to your customers’ needs.

Contrary to common perception, you do not have to be a million-dollar company to invest in augmented reality technology. Companies who invest in augmented reality, reap benefits by multiple-folds than the initial investment. They key to winning the ecommerce race is to retain customers which augmented reality experiences do extremely well.

Opt for tailor-made AR services by Tulfa at minimal costs while experiencing high-end customer service and quality.

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