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Balenciaga proposes life in Augmented Reality (AR)

Balenciaga proposes life in Augmented Reality (AR)

Balenciaga: Life in Augmented Reality

Taking inspiration from their retro-futuristic A/W 21 show cum video game, Balenciaga releases its latest campaign.

Back in December 2020, Balenciaga and Demna Gvasalia created an exclusive fashion experience through their very own video game-style show, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow.

Leading users through a dystopian future, from a concrete Balenciaga store through to streets complete with flying buses, a magical forest and a closing scene akin to The Sword and the Stone.

The French brand has released the accompanying campaign, which tells a tale of love in augmented reality. It talks about a connection of souls that can be felt through different worlds, real or virtual.

“Live to Love” Campaign: Fall’21

A sea of 3D rendered figures line up wearing identical black suits, inside a grey and depressing room representing their life on planet Earth. They wait in line for their turn to wear virtual reality glasses, to experience a happening and bright life.

We follow our protagonist as he enters the Afterworld, with all other characters dressed in Balenciaga A/W 21 collection- from a NASA suit to the yellow faux fur coat. The protagonist was sporting a Balenciaga bag and silver limited edition Balenciaga shoes.

Here, amongst the chaos he finds his beloved, as they were about to kiss, his glasses were pulled off. Back in real life, however, his love interest seeks him out. As they kiss, they glitch through 37 looks from the collection.

The message this season? ‘Live to Love.’

The above image is a snippet from the AR-enabled futuristic take of Balenciaga for its fall 21 campaign. The characters in the campaign video followed a highly emotional storyline while sporting Balenciaga’s fall collection.

Balenciaga’s take on Augmented Reality

Balenciaga takes a strong stance on this central theme of the 2020s. The highly emotional, two-minute film is a delicately observed, multi-faceted journey of empathy and affection. From casual to very dramatic, from the magic of a beginning, to the power of a mature relationship, to redemption through forgiveness. Backed by an equally elegant and cinematic imagery, the film is carried by a truthful tone and deep respect for its characters, a heartfelt contemporary commentary.

One of the reasons for luxury fashion brand Balenciaga’s enormous worldwide success in recent years is Creative Director Demna Gvasalia’s unique way of commenting on the themes of our time in the narrative of his work. Following the groundbreaking gloomy and apocalyptic Winter 20 runway show, he envisioned an equally bold and relevant piece for the Fall 21 collection media launch.

Creative digital experiences are the way to go!

Brands like Balenciaga have taken a leap in the virtual world and have created immersive experiences for their customers, like no other. Augmented reality gives immense freedom to brands to create a way to convey their own story to their customers, through unique ways.

There is no limit to the creative potential AR has. From virtual try ons to interactive AR creations, everything is possible, and this is how we help our clients finding a mode which suits the best to connect with their clients in the digital world.

The AR world awaits you! Explore the best that the digital world has to offer with Tulfa. As a leading e-content company, we assure you the best service.

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