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Black Friday and the Ecommerce Race: Get your brand ready for the holiday season

Black Friday and the Ecommerce Race: Get your brand ready for the holiday season

November is one of the busiest retail months online. Black Friday is approaching fast, with Cyber Monday and Christmas sales rush on its tail. Retailers and brands have to be ready to put their best foot forward and can’t afford to miss out.

With Covid-19, taking over another year of festivities while continuing to push customers away from physical stores, this festive reason is expected to be the biggest year for ecommerce sales. 43% of customers are expected to shop more online instead of returning to their pre-pandemic shopping behaviour.

With the onset of such a significant period for ecommerce sales, you have to ensure that your brand is ready to race you ahead of your competition. It is critical to accelerate your digital shelf so that you can manage how customers perceive your products while getting them out in the market without any delay.

Believe the numbers, if not us

In 2021, only 15% of customers are expected to kick off their holiday shopping on Black Friday exclusively in stores, which is a 26% decrease from 2019. Whereas, 74% of holiday shoppers made their purchases online on Black Friday, 2020, a 13% increase from 2019. On Black Friday 2020, brands recorded online customer spending of $9 billion, up from $7.4 billion from the previous years.

Cyber Monday 2020 had also lived up to its name: shoppers spent an enormous $10.8 billion online, up 15% from the previous year, while setting a record for the largest U.S online shopping day ever.

The pandemic made the entire year of 2020 a “Cyber Year” by giving amazing deals throughout the year, which led to customers stretching out their online shopping beyond the day itself. Retailers like Amazon and Target extended their calendar by offering online deals in October.

The biggest takeaway from last year’s digital days is that the pandemic has transformed customers into everyday online shoppers and the big shopping days into longer events.

Amazon Dominates Black Friday

If you are a retailer whose products are listed on Amazon, is your brand ready to compete with thousands of brands this holiday season?

In the U.S, Amazon accounted for 45.1% of all sales on Thanksgiving Day and 54.9% on Black Friday. In the UK, Amazon accounted for 37% of all online sales.

Amazon’s dominance is not only limited to Black Friday. 46.7% product searches begin on Amazon, in comparison to 34.6% on Google.

The way to make your brand stand out amongst thousands of brands on the platform is to focus on the consumer experience. Offering superior user experience can help you win the ecommerce race on Amazon.

To leverage this holiday season to the fullest, improve your digital shelf with enhanced content and interactive, accurate product images. Despite the online shopping barrier elaborate product descriptions along with 360-degree spin images help in bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping. Along with this, utilizing technologies like augmented reality and 3D models create an interactive and immersive user experience.

Such features not only create a superior brand image in the customers’ minds but also accelerate conversion rates, customer satisfaction, decreased returns, and most importantly help customers make confident buying decisions.

Mobile Shopping: A Game-changer

Mobile shopping is no fad; shoppable social media and apps cater more to mobile shopping. 54% of total sales on Cyber Monday 2019, came from mobile devices.

Mobile browsing is both convenient and quick for online shopping, along with the ease of use and availability of apps. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your website or web page is optimized for mobile users.

While this takes a considerate amount of time and planning, you can take these small steps to improve user mobile experience before Black Friday:

– Large and easy-to-read text.

– Large, clear images and reduced file sizes.

– Simple layouts along with responsive templates.

– Clearly visible, mobile-friendly calls-to-action and links.

Opting for enhanced content services can help save your time while achieving the goal of creating an excellent mobile user experience. Since after the pandemic, brands and retailers have started to understand the importance of user experience and how it helps their brands to stand out. Ensure that your website and web pages are optimized for a seamless shopping experience.

Don’t let uncertainty cloud holiday shopping

November and December drive 30% more revenue for online retailers than during non-holiday months. The days from Black Friday through Christmas specifically generate a whooping 50 % to 100 % more revenue than non-holidays.

Black Friday 2021, followed by Cyber Monday, can turn the tables for several brands with a large inflow of sales and revenue while illustrating the appeal of ecommerce.

360-degree product photography increases customer satisfaction rates by up to 50%, increasing the conversion rate as well as the rate of reorders.

Enhanced product content helps your brand convey its story efficiently to the customer, making 25% of shoppers more likely to purchase your products.

In 2020, businesses lost $756 billion due to poor ecommerce optimization and personalization.

We don’t want your brand to miss out on the holiday season and the large sales coming your way. Ensure that you are well-equipped with an innovative digital shelf to take over your competitors!

Shine with Tulfa, this holiday season!

With a socially-distanced holiday season right around the corner, online shopping will be at an all-time high this year, so retailers and brands need to stand out more than ever.

Shoppers will browse through hundreds of products, but an excellent digital shelf will compel them to buy with memorable customer experiences that solve several of their biggest issues—creating a smoother path to purchase while providing interactivity and customization, removing language barriers, reducing returns and dissatisfaction.

Don’t know where to start from? If you are having trouble coming up with a holiday strategy for your business? We’ve got you covered.

As a one-stop-shop for product CGI photography, data, and enhanced product content, Tulfa takes away the hassle of creativity.

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