Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Boost Conversions With The Combination Of 360º Product Viewer and Augmented Reality 

Boost Conversions With The Combination Of 360º Product Viewer and Augmented Reality 

Creating engaging product views has great benefits for your sales in terms of conversion rate and sales. With augmented reality technology, the possibilities are endless. 

The best shopping experience is when a consumer is able to experience items they are looking to buy realistically. 360-degree product views and augmented reality are the technologies that help them do so. When used correctly, 360-degree product views and augmented reality technology can boost conversion rates by up to 50% and sales by 5-10%. Adding Augmented Reality to 360-degree product views can boost conversion rates many times over. 

Why Images Matter 

Product images are the first thing that a shopper sees, and the last thing that he or she remembers before making a purchase. 360-degree product visualizations and augmented reality solutions are powerful tools that help eCommerce retailers meet and exceed their customers’ needs. For example, consumers expect to see around 5 to 8 images for online products. You can make strong connections with shoppers by harnessing the power of 360-degree product visualizations and augmented reality. 

To illustrate how you can benefit from eCommerce and digital asset implementation, here’s how you can implement these assets: 

Engage Shoppers With a 360 Product Viewer 

With 360-degree product viewing technology, you can convert more online shoppers into buyers. The better your product viewing is, the more trust and credibility you’ll build with your audience. This can be leveraged to encourage more conversion and engagement with your brand. 

To boost your business, you can start by integrating a 360-degree product viewer into your website and marketing channels. 

You can integrate 360 product viewing into your eCommerce website and marketing channels in a variety of ways. Here are a few specific ways you can do this: 

On Product Pages 

Consumers want an interactive and realistic experience when shopping for products online. 360-degree product views are an excellent way to give shoppers the ability to see an item from every angle and make sure it’s the right fit for them. 

By giving your customers the ability to interact with your products digitally, you can give them a more hands-on experience than others may be able to offer. This differentiates you from competitors and puts you well ahead of the curve. 

360-degree Product Photography 

Customers who can view every part of a product before buying it are also less likely to return that product. In fact, 360-degree photos and 3D images can reduce product returns by up to 35%. 

We’ve done the math for you to make sure that you’ll eliminate the pains and costs associated with product returns. Our product photography allows customers to experience the products through 360-degree technology and customize it exactly how they like. 

As you might have noticed, 360-degree product pictures have a way of improving your marketing efforts.  

Explainer Videos hosted on Youtube are used to tell your product’s story. After all, a video is more persuasive than just a static picture. People are more likely to make a purchase if they get a better sense of what the product is and how it might be able to help them. 

Demonstrate your product with a 360-degree product picture! This will boost your marketing efforts since consumers will interact with your visuals before landing on your product sites. You might, for example, make explainer films and put them on YouTube, allowing your product viewer to show rather than tell. Animated GIFs can also be included in email campaigns or shown on other websites. 

Make your product highly interactive
Bring Your 3D Products Into the Virtual World With Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality blends virtual reality with the real world. Augmented reality displays 3D representations of a product or information about real-world things, people, places.  

It allows customers to get a feel of what it is like to see the product in their own home. Augmented Reality projects your products in the users’ environments through mobile devices.

Augmented Reality and 360-degree product views allow customers to test out your product in real-world scenarios.  

With AR technology, users can see how the product will look in their own space, product details and descriptions, pricing, and even reviews. The ability to view a product in context and in 3D helps the user decide if the product is the right fit for the space, the design, and their budget. An eCommerce solution allows users to shop with confidence through the product preview experience. 

This experience can be truly unforgettable for the customer, and in turn, customers will trust your brand even more. In fact, you’ll see much greater ROI when you combine the Augmented Reality and 360-degree product views. 

The shopper’s behavior is becoming more and more virtual. Your eCommerce store can now provide a more immersive shopping experience using 360 product viewer and AR. 

Use 360 Product Views and AR to Your Advantage With Tulfa 

Create high engagement experiences with Tulfa

Tulfa offers a cutting-edge solution for high-quality product photography, 3D images and virtual tours. Tulfa’s virtual photography software allows users to capture high-resolution images and 3D renderings of their inventories, which can be used to create a 3D product configurator. This solution allows users to create 3D product configurators with no photo-shoots required. 

We create eCommerce solutions for Adobe Commerce, Shopify, and WordPress. We can also connect it to an AR solution (which is embedded in your product page) that makes your customers’ shopping easier. In fact, they won’t need to download an AR app – they can simply use their phones and point it at your product. 

With Tulfa, you can create interactive 360-degree product images that allow your customers to see your products from all angles and try them on. 

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