Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Building an Amazon business: 3 ways to improve your page

Building an Amazon business: 3 ways to improve your page

The largest e-commerce retailer globally, Amazon is an ever-growing, popular marketplace. Retailers consider it a holy grail. By 2022, Amazon expects to earn more than $350 billion in global revenue, with savvy brands and retailers reaping the benefits of this tremendous growth. It is an intensely crowded platform with more than 2.5 million sellers but remains a lucrative business market.

Brands and retailers need to stand out on Amazon to drive trust, authenticity, and sales to beat the competition. The retail giant provides massive opportunities to brands and retailers to increase revenues by reaching a larger audience. Over 55% of online purchases begin on Amazon due to its superior end-to-end experience.

High-Quality Images to Win Buyers’ Confidence

With the decline of shopping malls and the rise of e-commerce, high-quality, realistic, and detailed product images are a must. They are essential to winning the buyers’ confidence.

Your product pages must perform well and get to the point quickly. A Baymard Research study discovered that an essential part of a product page is the image carousel.

93% of shoppers consider good images essential when making a purchase decision. Visuals are a top persuasive factor in encouraging purchases; you always want to ensure your listing has high-quality images where the customer can view the product from all angles.

Efficient use of Image Real Estate

Using the real estate Amazon offers efficiently can make your brand stand out on the over-crowded platform.

Effective use of image carousels is indispensable. Amazon allows 6 or 7 images on its image carousel. Customers need detailed, in-focus images to evaluate all sides of a product: front, back, left, right, top, bottom. Features like an “in scale” image assist the customers in making better choices.

The second most important part of a product page is product reviews. Many retailers are finding ways to include honest reviews of average ratings to instill trust and authenticity with their customers.

360° Images for an interactive experience

The motive behind interactive images and other eCommerce tools is to mitigate the need for physical stores and create more engaging shopping experiences for customers at the tip of their fingers.

360° images help create an interactive, immersive in-store online experience for customers. They help your Amazon listing and give the prospective buyer a detailed overview of the product using one slot of the carousel, saving real estate.

Eliminate Complexity with a one-stop shop, Tulfa

Amazon remains a labyrinth for the new and old retailers in the online marketplace. With so many sellers vying for sales on Amazon, you need every competitive edge you can get.

Creating a seamless customer experience can lead to an increase in trust, authenticity, and sales. With Tulfa‘s in-house product photography, content, 3D models, and augmented reality system team, get ready to revamp your Amazon page and reap the benefits of the following remarkable growth.

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