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Create a 3D Product Model for Your Business

Create a 3D Product Model for Your Business

In today’s competitive industry, it is crucial that sellers have realistic product images on their websites. Traditional product photography does not produce the desired results, nor is it cost-effective.

High-quality images created by CGI are much more effective for product approval, marketing, and advertising. A professional studio creates a realistic 3D product model using the following process steps.

A Briefing Session

The first and foremost step in the CGI process is to get all the vital information about the product. The details about the product majorly include sketches, drawings, textures, design references, text descriptions, etc. Sending photos of the product from different angles enables the CG artist to create the 3D model.

Using Geometric Forms

3D software uses geometric forms to create 3D product models. Spline modeling or polygonal modeling help create entirely new objects and help reshape the older ones. Spline modeling creates surfaces using points and curves by connecting them. Polygonal modeling creates shapes of small triangles, squares, and polygons to create high-poly models. The high-poly models look smooth and realistic and are used in the furniture industry to create a 3D furniture model.

Material Application

After making the 3D model, the CGI artist applies the material to the object. Using modern technology, it is possible to apply any color, texture, material to the product. The professional modeler makes your product look 100-percent realistic by applying leather, glass, shiny metal, transparent glass, or fabric to it.

Lights, camera, action

For your product to look more realistic, it is essential to ensure proper lighting and appropriate camera angles to ensure that the product catches the customer’s eye. 3D software allows CGI artists to take camera shots from different angles. This ensures that the texture, color, and shape of the object are appropriately displayed on the website. It gives the customer a better understanding of the product and helps them make the purchase.

Rendering the 3D Model

3D product modeling provides a virtual feast to the customers who have not seen the product. It is vital that the design should be precise and accurate in the manufacturing industry. Rendering the 3D model helps the 3D artist discover the errors of the previous stages. Even the tiniest of mistakes in measurement can make the entire activity futile. Once all the flaws are removed by the 3D artist, the 3D model is sent for approval to the client.

The entire process of creating a 3D model involves both technical and creative expertise. A high-quality 3D model is a team effort of the client and the 3D artist. It can be created only when the 3D artist is provided with a complete brief, references, and drawings by the client. A professional 3D modeler can create a model that can be applied to motion solutions too by the marketer.

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