Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Creating immersive shopping experiences for footwear brands in AR and 3D

Creating immersive shopping experiences for footwear brands in AR and 3D

Even though online shoe stores are becoming more popular, most customers still prefer to buy shoes from physical stores. This is primarily due to the complexity in determining whether shoes will fit properly when purchased online. However, many companies in other industry sectors, such as jewelry, eye-wear, and cosmetics, have used augmented reality and 3D technology to address this problem, and it is likely that online shoe retailers will follow suit.

In this blog, we’ll look at four ways brands are using this technology to create unique shopper experiences.

3D and AR shoe visualization

Most shoppers still prefer to see and touch products before buying them, but augmented reality (AR) visualization can offer the next-best experience. With AR, shoppers can view products from multiple angles and get a realistic sense of color, material, and other details. This technology is making it easier for customers to make informed purchase decisions without having to physically handle the product.

By scanning the QR codes on the windows of its retail stores throughout Europe, Adidas has created an augmented reality experience that can be accessed. Users who scanned these codes saw a portfolio of sustainable items materialize in front of them in AR. The Adidas Stan Smith shoe came after that. The experience also included the phrase “dare to change” and a “Shop Now” button. The “Shop Now” button allowed users to purchase the shoes directly from the website.

Virtual try-on shoes

Gucci was quick to build a Lens that allows users to virtually try on shoes. This allowed customers to view how they might appear in a pair of Gucci shoes without having to put them on.

Gucci created two glasses for their current ad, one for each gender. These Lenses superimpose a digital representation of two pairs of shoes on the users’ feet. By selecting the “Shop Now” button, users are taken to the product page to purchase the Gucci shoes.

Customized shoe recommendations

Thanks to a new app, you can now measure your feet with your smartphone camera and get personalized shoe recommendations based on your measurements. No more guessing whether a shoe will fit – we’ll tell you which ones will be a perfect fit. Plus, you can buy the shoes you like directly through the app. So go ahead and give it a try!

The Nike By You lets customers personalize their chosen shoes with custom graphics. Using augmented reality, object tracking and projection technology, customers can see their designs come to life right on their feet.

Immersive marketing campaigns

AR technology can help brands stand out from the crowd by creating more engaging advertisements. It is used to show customers how a pair of shoes will fit them in real life. This makes it a useful for marketing.

Nike never fails to impress with their innovative marketing campaigns, and their latest 3D activation in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area is no exception. The giant billboard features a giant orange Nike sneaker box that bursts open to reveal multiple Air Max styles in different colors. This eye-catching display sparked conversations on social media.

Try on shoes in a completely virtual environment

The future of virtual try-on shoes and other AR experiences seems bright.An increasing number of businesses are utilizing this technology to engage customers and reduce returns. We can only foresee the incredible possibilities that will result from this trend.

If you want to be ahead of the game, now is the time to start exploring augmented reality footwear experiences. AR footwear is an emerging trend that forward-thinking manufacturers cannot afford to ignore. This is thanks to its proven benefits and expanding popularity.

Tulfa, based in Chicago, specializes in assisting companies in creating 3D and AR experiences for their product catalogs. So, whatever your concept is, we can assist you in making it a reality.

Don’t wait – contact us today at, and let’s get started on bringing your shoe catalog to life with augmented reality.

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