Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Discover Augmented Reality in eCommerce

Discover Augmented Reality in eCommerce

Behold the marvels of augmented reality for eCommerce! Have you ever wondered why industry leaders are turning to this state-of-the-art technology to gain a competitive edge? Let’s reveal the secret of how you too can harness its power to catapult your brand to the forefront of the digital marketplace. Let’s discover the limitless possibilities that Augmented Reality will bring you!

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality refers to the sophisticated technology that enables users to perceive computer-generated components in the physical realm. Utilizing the camera of a mobile device, augmented reality apps can create a three-dimensional model of an item, such as a new couch, and display it in a real-life environment, like your living room. These applications allow you to visualize the dimensions, colors, and angles of the item in a virtual space.

Visualize Products In Your Space Before You Buy

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Although related, augmented reality is distinct from virtual reality. Virtual reality allows users to immerse themselves in a wholly digital realm, often through specialized headsets. With augmented reality, however, users can experience virtual elements superimposed onto the real world in real-time without any additional equipment beyond a cell phone or computer camera.

Discover the limitless possibilities of AR Applications

Prepare to be wowed by the myriad of possibilities offered by augmented reality applications! From the explosive popularity of Pokémon Go to Warby Parker’s virtual try-on app, it’s clear that AR experiences are dominating the market. While 3D models of products and virtual try-ons are the most prevalent types of AR applications, the potential of this technology is vast and varied.

Some AR apps introduce a digital filter that distorts images in the physical world, resulting in fun face-changing effects like those found on Snapchat. Similarly, Sephora’s Virtual Artist tool lets customers see how they would look in new makeup by superimposing the virtual product onto their physical features.

Another type of AR application employs phone-scanning technology to provide additional information about products. For instance, certain restaurants are adding scannable AR elements to their menus that allow diners to preview their meals before placing an order. The New York Times is also embracing this kind of AR technology to deliver more immersive experiences and bring their stories to life.

Finally, some AR applications harness the computing power of mobile devices to measure objects in the physical world. The Measure app, a staple feature of Apple phones, uses augmented reality to gauge the length and height of objects, thereby eliminating the need for a ruler. With such an array of AR applications available, it’s no wonder that this technology is changing the game for eCommerce.

Endless Customization At Your Fingertips

Discover the true power of Augmented Reality in eCommerce

Know the magnificent power of Augmented Reality (AR) in eCommerce! Witness how 41% of retailers have already incorporated this revolutionary technology into their websites, and a mighty 49% more plan to follow suit in the near future. Why, you may ask? Because AR can offer users an unparalleled experience that surpasses both traditional eCommerce sites and in-person visits to brick-and-mortar stores.

Today’s consumers can luxuriate in the comfort of their own homes while virtually trying on clothing and accessories, seeing how a new desk fits in their recently renovated home office, and examining all sides of a new kitchen mixer without even having to leave their computer. AR is proving to be a blessing for both big and small businesses alike, as consumers can see the transformation it brings. A mere tape measure can only tell you if a new couch will fit in your living room, but AR can show you how it will look there! And that, my dear friend, is a massive difference – one that consumers are more than willing to pay extra for.

No longer do online shoppers have to blindly add products to their shopping carts. AR offers them a whole new level of confidence in online shopping by allowing them to examine a product from all angles or virtually try on an entire outfit. Prepare to embrace the power of AR and witness the transformation it brings to the world of eCommerce!

Experience the transformative power of AR technology

Witness the transformative power of augmented reality on the realm of advertising! No longer must consumers be content with mere static displays and lackluster promotions. Through the lens of their mobile devices, they can now immerse themselves in virtual pop-up shops, uncover exclusive downloads, and unlock the secrets of products with ease.

The advent of AR technology has empowered businesses to offer more engaging and interactive marketing experiences.

Imagine how a magazine ad for a tropical hotel could transport you to a virtual oasis, where you can explore its amenities through a stunning 3D video. Or consider scanning an AR-enabled business card that instantly connects you to the cardholder’s LinkedIn profile or personal website.

Even educational institutions such as museums and zoos are taking advantage of AR to enhance their maps, offering first-time visitors an awe-inspiring 3D rendering of the space for easier navigation. And movie theaters like AMC have harnessed AR to create immersive movie posters that allow users to view trailers and access cast lists through their phone cameras.

Hotels and AirBnB hosts have likewise embraced AR, offering virtual tours that provide users with 360-degree views of rooms for a more informed booking experience. The possibilities of AR are endless, and advertisers are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to keep customers engaged with their products and brands.

Behold the power of AR, the gateway to a whole new level of immersive and engaging marketing experiences!

Shop from the comfort of your home

Step into a new reality of shopping with Augmented Reality

The revolutionary wave of augmented reality in eCommerce has begun! The bigwigs of consumer goods and electronics have harnessed the power of AR, illuminating the path towards a more immersive and convenient shopping experience for the modern consumer. Take, for instance, the mighty IKEA, which has crafted an AR app that works seamlessly on both iOS and Android. With the wondrous Ikea Place, users can transport themselves into a virtual realm where photorealistic, true-to-size 3D models of IKEA’s furniture can be placed inside their homes. Meanwhile, Amazon’s AR View and Home Depot’s Project Color app have brought the joy of virtual room renovation to thousands of homes, enabling customers to visualize different paint colors and home goods in their homes.

All these AR apps work their magic by scanning the room dimensions via the phone’s camera and overlaying a 3D model or filter in perfect alignment with the actual room, capturing the essence of height, width, shading, and depth. And let’s not forget the tech behemoth Apple, which is investing heavily in AR technology through ARkit, one of the best AR solutions for developers out there. ARkit is utilized in creating IKEA’s app and several others, resulting in unparalleled functionality and seamlessness in Apple’s iOS.

But the creative geniuses of the shoemaker Airwalk have taken AR to even greater heights. In 2010, they launched a series of pop-up stores that were invisible to the naked eye and could only be unlocked through the brand’s AR app. This ingenious move not only boosted online sales but also generated a staggering $5 million in media coverage. Welcome to the brave new world of augmented reality eCommerce, where possibilities are limitless, and customer satisfaction reigns supreme!

Augmented Reality for Small Business

Small businesses need not be intimidated by the AR revolution dominated by large brands. With the power of browser-based AR platforms such as Tulfa, they can elevate their online stores to the next level of immersive experiences without breaking the bank. This revolutionary technology, embedded in web browsers and accessible across desktop and mobile platforms, allows small businesses to avoid costly app development and user acquisition strategies.

Thanks to the support of eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, small shops can harness Tulfa’s browser-based AR tools to increase conversion rates by up to a staggering 250%. And the best part? Adding AR elements to online stores is far simpler than one might imagine.

By converting traditional photography into photorealistic 3D images, small businesses can give their customers a 360-degree view of their products, the ability to customize them, and even visualize them in their homes. This not only bolsters consumer confidence but also creates an unparalleled shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression.

In fact, according to PwC, a whopping 75% of online consumers consider the shopping experience to be a crucial factor in their buying decisions, surpassing product quality and price. With augmented reality features, eCommerce stores can reduce the number of returns by 40%, making it a win-win for both businesses and customers alike. Join the AR revolution now and give your customers an unforgettable shopping experience!

Personalize Your Purchase – The Next Level eCommerce Shopping

Augmented Reality for B2B and Manufacturing

When it comes to closing the deal for B2B sellers, nothing beats the power of augmented reality. By bringing customizable products to life with stunning 3D models that clients can personalize and place in their own businesses, sellers can make all the difference in clinching the sale.

Through the use of cutting-edge augmented reality technology, B2B consumers can easily customize products, share them with their entire team for feedback, make real-time adjustments, and seamlessly send specifications back to you. With augmented reality, the possibilities are endless.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Augmented reality platforms offer a multitude of cost- and time-saving advantages for manufacturers. With built-in automated pricing, prices can be instantly adjusted as customers change their customizations, saving time and minimizing errors. Many AR platforms also offer automatic updates to assembly instructions as customers modify their options, further reducing potential confusion and misunderstandings.

Perhaps most importantly, augmented reality can be an invaluable tool for finding and fixing manufacturing errors. By allowing creators and customers to examine 3D models in greater detail, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their prototypes, flaws and all. With a more comprehensive look at their products, manufacturers can quickly make necessary adjustments and deliver exceptional results to their customers.

In conclusion, augmented reality is the future of B2B sales, delivering unparalleled customization, cost and time savings, and improved accuracy. Embrace the power of AR today and take your business to new heights of success!

How to Add Augmented Reality to Your eCommerce Website

Are you ready to take your eCommerce website to the next level? Adding augmented reality features is the key to creating a truly engaging experience for your users. In fact, research has shown that online shoppers who visit pages with interactive 3D elements spend significantly more time on the website than those who browse traditional eCommerce sites. With an average session lasting five minutes on an AR-enabled site, compared to less than a minute on typical stores, the benefits of adding AR elements are undeniable.

But don’t let the thought of adding AR features to your site intimidate you. With the right platform, the heavy lifting can be taken care of for you. Tulfa, for example, can transform your 3D files or photography into stunning 3D models that will dazzle your customers and take their shopping experience to new heights.

So why wait? Elevate your eCommerce website with augmented reality and give your users an unforgettable shopping experience that will keep them coming back for more. Contact Tulfa (Chicago, United States) today at to find out how to get started.

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